German Rally Patches

November 30, 2001

Oliver and friends at Scooter-Sports have a great online collection of (mostly-German) rally patches, as well as many other goodies. It makes 2SBis collection look meager in comparison. Your contribution of patch scans to both sites is encouraged.

Freeze Your Balls Off

November 28, 2001

The Incriminators SC announces their 2002 Freeze Your Balls Off rally on January 18-20. I’ll bet it’s going to be warmer in Chapel Hill than it will be here in Chicago. I just might harness up some sled dogs to an old Vespa frame and head on down there…

Spice Girls v. Aprilia Drama Continues

November 27, 2001

A bad idea continues to gets worse. From the BBC: Spice Girls appeal in scooter case. Thanks for the link, akyana! personally, I’m holding out for the Destiny’s Child Malaguti.

Las Vegas rally

November 27, 2001

The High Rollers’ Las Vegas rally is February 15th-18, 2002. Book your trip now, it’s a great time. And rent a Kymco here or a motorcycle

2002 Scooter Racing Nationals?

November 25, 2001

Tony Tice of
is organizing YSR/SuperMotard/Scooter/Pocketbike Nationals for July 2002.

Toys for Tots update

November 19, 2001

Before riding in the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade on December 2, join the Jedis at EXIT at 7:30 am for coffee and donuts.

3-wheel Italjet

November 19, 2001

(from TSS:) Pics of a 3wheeled Italjet scooter at the Paris Motorcycle Show (image 1) (image 2) from Caliban. ADD Tom points out that Italjet is, once again, a year behind Aprilia.

More electric Lambrettas!

November 15, 2001

A link from what’s-his-name in Atlanta: the Lambretta 350W. Why?

New Lambrettas!

November 13, 2001

And you thought Piaggio was silly: The LCGB news page features drawings of a Lambretta electric pushscooter. I guess it’s designed to bulid hype for new four-stroke Lambrettas. Thanks, Eric, for the tip!

JKSC Holiday Dance

November 12, 2001

The Jedis are holding their annual Holiday Dance at Club Foot on Friday, December 21st. Their “Kessel Run” will take place in early summer 2002.

Quadrophenia Winners!

November 10, 2001

Congratulations to the winners of our Quadrophenia contest, Melissa Broadway, Briana Bolger, and Geoff Hazelton!

Anything look different?

November 10, 2001

The 2SBlog is finally out of beta and on to the front page! It might not seem like much, but it was an educational experience. I’ve shuffled some things around and I’m editing some great new features, so keep an eye on the “new” space on top of the page.

Goodbye, Andy!

November 9, 2001

Team 2SB racer Andrew “I’ve got something to Say” Miller’s moving from Chicago to Columbus next week, so come say “goodbye” Friday, Nov. 9th at 9pm at Circle Bowl in River Forest. if he’s anything like Phil, we’ll see more of him once he’s gone than we do now, but we’re still sad to see him go

Norway Update:

November 5, 2001

Track time at Norway went well, Mykrrr got some good lap times, edging towards the Manchester United of MASS, Scott Smallwood. Supersonic/2SB/AFG rider Andrew Miller was in attendance but didnt’ practice. The rest of the team is so confident about next season, they didnt’ even show.

More Mersh

November 5, 2001

A few new items: TOQUES: baby, it’s cold outside… keep those ears warm with our stocking cap, “scoot or die” patch applied, dark green or black acrylic, $9.00ppd. KNEE PADS keep your sta-prests tidy with a 2sb-brand gardening-style blue foam rubber kneeling pad, a mere $6ppd.