Another goddamn scootering designer

December 23, 2001

Elvis found this one, modmedia design. Someone should open a scooter shop across the street from RISD.

The Big Wet One

December 23, 2001

Kinda last minute, but Mike Z(tm) points out there’s a Rally in San Francisco January 4-5-6.


December 21, 2001

Another screensaver, plus backgrounds, postcards and more from (In German, but you can figure it out. Except for “Mein Hasi,” what the heck does that mean?).

YumPop gear

December 21, 2001

YumPop has scootergirl shirts and posters, and plenty of other last minute gift ideas for trendy small girls like Sara (thanks for the tip-off.)

Viral Marketing

December 20, 2001

This is a good story about how Piaggio (Vespa) and other companies are using more and more subtle ways of advertising. There’s nothing wrong with it, and sometimes it’s creative and entertaining, but a good consumer should always be able to tell the difference between hype, advertising, and truth.

Typography week continues

December 19, 2001

Britton Walters illustrated most of the Slaughterhouse patches, some JumpUp! albums, and some great typefaces. View his design, illustration, and type at and be sure to download his scooter icons!

Coudal Trivia Contest

December 19, 2001

I won a Simpsons DVD in a trivia contest last night at our company party. Now’s your chance to win a 2sb t-shirt and other mediocre prizes. The funny part is that I was allowed to make up my own category, and I didn’t do “Scooters” because I didn’t want Robin to do “Child Care.”

D.I.Y. control cables

December 19, 2001

Christopher Markley found a great site, Flanders’ cable parts. Mmm, stainless steel, nylon-lined, homemade cables.

More typographers with scooters

December 18, 2001

French type designer Jean-FranAois Porchez sent these photos of his scooter and his friends from a mid-80s issue of the French magazine Nitro.

Scootering for world peace

December 14, 2001

From Ananova (via Akyana), an Italian couple are scootering around the globe
to meet people and learn about other cultures. I’d join them, but my woodruff key would shear a mile and a half from home.

Summer fashion, two seasons late

December 12, 2001

Or maybe two seasons early? I finally got around to posting Matt Howie’s Summer Fashion Forecast. You’re on your own with the Deutschsprecken.

Is polar fleece Mod now?

December 11, 2001

I’ve been looking for an army surplus parka that would fit my fat ass for ages, and last night I found one. Christ, what have I done?

The Vespa Genome Project continues

December 10, 2001

Otmar Hoefer, Typography nerd, Vespa racer, Seagull enthusiast. One of us.

Will IKEA be next?

December 10, 2001

Piaggio, God love ’em, have finally found the perfect marketing partner. Buy a Vespa along with your new Eames chairs. I wish that stuff was within my reach.

Scooters in BusinessWeek

December 10, 2001

Scooters Come Zipping Out of the Past from BusinessWeek. A ho-hum story, but at least they got some quotes from scooterists.

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