Bajaj Pipe Exclusive!

August 28, 2002

Bajaj dealer Phil Waters of Cleveland Scooters has unveiled a new tuning exhaust prototype for new Bajaj 4-stroke scooters. (picture 1) (picture 2) The entire exhaust is made of stainless steel for excellent protection from rust. Phil says “You could pass this one along to your kids.” The prototype exhaust mounts on either the Bajaj Chetak or Legend, and does not interfere with the Legend spare tire or the ease of changing tires. The pipe also features an improved mounting bracket for easy installation. Most exciting of course is a Dynojet-verified horsepower/torque increase of 14% to 21% depending on jetting, and a throatier sound (.wav file). Phil: “Sound, oh the beautiful sound! Think old British single with megaphone exhaust. Throaty, not tinny in any way. See it and hear it at Slaughterhouse 8 this weekend in Chicago!”

Pop Quiz!

August 27, 2002

OK, study this image for thirty seconds, then answer the following question: The biggest scooter rally in the history of Chicago is in (a) one month, (b) two weeks, (c) ten days, (d) a day and a half.

2SB Film Festival

August 26, 2002

Two more Dfilms for your enjoyment, Moe Balazs’ “Gimp Bebe” and Grace Delcano’s “Bobby D.”

Speaking of Daniel Reike

August 26, 2002

I really wanted one of those big inflatable Malagutis until I learned how dangerous they are.

It could be the fumes talking, but

August 25, 2002

I’ve spent a lot of time around spraypaint in the last couple days. Can I say, Duplicolor
is the shizzit.

2SB v MSU Sumo Challenge

August 24, 2002

Slaughterhouse is less than a week away, and 2strokeBuzz has teamed with Mega Super Ultra to sponsor the Saturday night inflatable sumo tournament. Team 2strokeBuzz needs your help in the sumo circle, so if you think you’re dangerous in a big padded suit, let Bryan know at the rally. We’re gonna kick some mod butt.

Kit Off!

August 23, 2002

Myk sent this link to The Sun’s 2002-3 Premiership preview. As you can see, The Sun is a bastion of journalistic integrity. The Leicester girl is nice, but the rest of the teams seem to have the same girl, and I can’t get into someone who would wear an Arsenal jersey and a Spurs jersey.

Adam Biddle: Sexy, Newsworthy

August 17, 2002

Josh from Cincinnati (my hometown, dontcha’ know?) sent this writeup from X-Ray about scootering in Cincinnati. The XYLs are looking for a “farthest ridden” trophy at Slaughterhouse, can anyone beat them?

How to tell you’re a moron part 442

August 17, 2002

When you bump your head and get so pissed off you kick at panelling, but miss and hit concrete instead, injuring yourself far worse than you did in the first place.

Total Sound Group

August 17, 2002

TSG.jpg2strokeBuzz interviewed legendary punk guitarist/scooterist/nice guy Tim Kerr in issue 1, as he was launching the Lord High Fixers. Geoff Prezkop caught up with Tim (Big Boys, Jack O’ Fire, The Monkeywrench) and Mike Carroll, Tim’s bandmate in Lord High Fixers, Poison 13, and their newest project Total Sound Group.
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Busy, Busy

August 16, 2002

Hi everyone, long time, no post, huh? I’ve been crazy busy lately. Between working on three nearly-running scooters, finishing up the Slaughterhouse Rally site and helping out Gimpy Phil in Cleveland, I’ve been neglecting you, and I’m sorry. I’ve got some big stuff coming soon, including Geoff’s interview with punk rock god Tim Kerr, an account of my two days as a scooter salesman, a review of the ScootRS 12v electronic ignition kit, and, hopefully, a firsthand account of the Genuine Stella. Stay tuned!

Flywheel is Off!

August 9, 2002

After two cans of PB Blaster, a propane torch, an angle crinder, three cutoff wheels, a broken puller, and nine months, the flywheel is off my VBB engine. Lesson: keep your taper clean, if you know what I mean. Mike “King Arthur” Durso finally cut it off and rebuilt it with a new crank. I’m getting it back tonight and starting on Project: 12v electronic ignition. With that and a cowl repaint, I’ll be back on the road at last and I can give Vina her scooter back.

Dfilm Mania!

August 9, 2002

We’ve been making silly Dfilms all week and they’re a difficult genre to master, but Durso’s documentary about Mykrrr, Back in the Ally, is probably the Citizen Kane of Dfilms. Make your own, we’ll have a 2sb Dfilm Festival… Then again, maybe they’re the reason my spam has doubled in the last two days.
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Vespa Tours of Italy

August 8, 2002

This would be fun if I was rich and wanted to spend a week with Gina. It would be a great price if you got to keep the ET4 afterward.

Britney Spears Scooter

August 8, 2002

If Daniel Rieke was a six-year-old vietnamese kid, he’d make these for a living.

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