Steve’s Toy Motorscooters

September 26, 2002

My boss embarrassed me by finding Steve’s Toy Motorscooters before I did. It’s butt-slow, though it’s worth the wait. I thought we had a lot of toy scooters here at 2SB HQ, but we don’t hold a candle to Steve.
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Paste and Destroy

September 25, 2002

Oh, so if you change FIVE letters, and you’re a hella-trendy artist, it’s OK, I guess. (Thanks to M5 for the sighting.)

Mega Super Ultra

September 23, 2002

Chicago’s favorite mod band, Mega Super Ultra, released their second album Back to Take Another Bow this week on JumpUp Records. 2strokeBuzz talked to bassist Mike Stirk about the “mod” label, getting older, and that naked guy at Slaughterhouse VI.
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September 23, 2002

Mykrrr’s post-race press release:
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Pardon our archive dust

September 21, 2002

We’re reorganizing a bit, note that second gear (over there to your left) now leads to the weblog archives, not the old “Features” page. We’re going to move all the old features into the weblog, so soon you’ll be able to find them there, until then, you can find them here. We’re also updating some other pages over the next few weeks, so if you notice any problems, let us know. Thanks!

Mekons on NPR

September 20, 2002

2SB favorites The Mekons are celebrating their 25th Anniversary on “Fresh Air” today. In Chicago, it’s 11:00 on WBEZ. I’ll call an NPR truce for today, kay?

Jedi Melcher

September 19, 2002

melcherdeck.gifChicago JKSC member Patrick Melcher will be featured on the cover of Big Brother magazine next week. Big Brother is 2SB’s favorite skateboarding magazine, (no prize for naming our least favorite), a tasteless, perfect mix of Jackass humor and skateboarding. Patrick skates for Black Label, and is the one of a long line of scootering pro skateboarders including Lance Mountain, Matt Hensley, and Geoff Rowley. The article includes a photo of Patrick with his scooter, and he talks about the Jedis and scootering in the interview. Pick it up! Thanks to Chad for the tip and the photo. A 2SB interview is in the works.

SH8 Lomo photos

September 16, 2002

Note to self: A Russian camera makes us all look that much cooler. Our friend Ana from Kansas city took some great Lomo camera photos at Slaughterhouse. Don’t forget there are schloads more SH8 Photos (many added last week) at

From Scooter to Scooterist

September 16, 2002

I just stumbled across this on the web: From Scooter to Scooterist, a senior thesis by Mary Anne Long (Miss Mary Mess). A well-researched, longish piece on scooters and scooter culture. Not too much that most of us don’t know, but a great read for the newbies.

What’s the Ruckus?

September 16, 2002

Honda has revealed part of their ’03 line, including what just might be the ugliest scooter ever. And I like it. Down with retro!
Thanks, Lu$, for the link!

40oz Kenobi

September 11, 2002

I’m proud to be a Jedi, although I only faintly remember being knighted.

Piaggio in Wired

September 9, 2002

The new Wired features a story about Piaggio and their X9, due soon in the US. Like most stories in Wired, it’s regurgitated PR, but interesting.

Can’t spell “Jaguar” without “J-A-G”

September 9, 2002

“Big business it don’t like you, it don’t like the things you do, you got no money, you got no power, they think you’re useless, and so you are, Punks!” Nothing is sacred.

I (heart) WLUW

September 9, 2002

Driving to work this morning, Mary on WLUW played Flaming Lips, Pavement, “Here Comes a Regular” (DUH, that’s where the The Regulars got their name, how did I not get that) and closed the show with “What Goes On.” Some days WLUW is all I have going for me, and knowing it’s doomed to be bought by an NPR station is killing me.

Matchstick Vespa

September 6, 2002

Don’t leave this near the campfire at rallies: Rob Cheshire’s Matchstick Vespa. I wish I had as much spare time as the English. Thanks to Lu$ for the link.

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