I saw your eyes

October 31, 2002


And you made me smile;
For a little while
I was Phil-ing in love.

More proof Italians are insane

October 29, 2002

My dad emailed to let us know he and Mrs. Noise saw a Travel Channel show about Rome that had a bit on the Vespa Club Roma. In the beautiful and historic homeland of the Vespa, the Roman club meets at an establishment called “Bar Canada.” heh.

Vegas, UK

October 28, 2002

According to the new issue of Scootering, 340 British scooterists have already made reservations for the Las Vegas Rally. Christophe hasn’t even officially announced the date yet. This should be interesting.

SCootering website

October 28, 2002

Speaking of Scootering, they’ve finally redone their website. It’s sort of a bluer, more boring 2strokebuzz. But it’ll surely be a lot more useful than their old site once it gets rolling.

“It’s not class or ideologyOe

October 25, 2002

OeColour, creed, or roots
The only thing that unites us
Is Doctor Marten’s boots

Doctor Marten’s boots of the world
So that everybody can be free
They’re classless, matchless, ageless and waterproof
(And retail for only 19 pounds and 99p)

What should everyone be wearing?
Those boots with the air-flow soles
And your boots will have a meeting
And your boots will take control

Thanks to Doctor Marten
everyone will have warm feet
Thanks to Doctor Marten
they’ll be dancing in the street
No? Don’t you want me?
Okay, boots – do your stuff!

Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens BOOTS!”

Dr. Martens is closing its British factories and moving production to China. Fine, they’ve been crap for ages anyway. And if you’re too cheap to buy the new Young Ones DVD set, here are all the scripts. Thanks to Moe for reading the business section.

October 23, 2002

It’s mostly modern scooters, and UK-focused, but is a nice site, and a good place for you scooterspotters to talk about the differences between the Benelli PepE 100 LX and the MBK Doodo XN125 (“Well, that would be 24cc, sir!”).


October 23, 2002

maxwedge.jpgOK, I know, the whole “Max Wedge thing” is older than the Rally Monkey, but I never actually checked out The Max Wedge Page until last night. if you haven’t, check it out. It’s something to behold.

The Beck Show

October 21, 2002

My Co-worker Dave: “So I walk in and there are about twenty people on stage dressed in rabbit costumes holding searchlights, and waving them around out at the audience, who are throwing around beach balls. The video screen is alternating between a film of an open chest cavity with the heart beating, a naked woman singing along with the song and spinning two disco balls, and more rabbits, with light coming out of their chests like Care Bears.” Yep, that’d be the Flaming Lips, God Bless ’em.


October 21, 2002

Ryan Bastianelli introduces Ryetronics. Have your stator refurbished or a wiring loom custom-made by a professional avionics electrician at great prices! He gets the 2SB seal of approval.

Beck is lame

October 16, 2002

Don’t listen to what everyone is saying, “Sea Change” sounds like Sting and U2 doing Eagles covers. The Album of the Year is the Slanted and Enchanted Reissue.

We Fix Bike, No?

October 16, 2002

All this 120cc Peugeot MASS controversy compels us to turn to a respected leader in scooter racing for advice. Of course I’m talking about Honest Vaclav’s Scooter Repair.

New Rowleys

October 14, 2002

Man, every time I buy new shoes (or get them free from Janel), new Geoff Rowley Vans come out. Now he’s got two models, the XLT, which is kinda like the old ones, and the Shams, complete with a little mod target. Sweet. But don’t get me wrong, I love these Simples. A whole lot. I almost don’t want to wear them, they’re so pretty.

Phil’s Publicity Parade continues

October 11, 2002

in the Cleveland Sun. Go Phil!


October 11, 2002

Sun Newspapers of Cleveland, Ohio, 25 weekly newspapers serving 81 communities

Chicago Columbus Day Parade

October 10, 2002

Come and Join The Second to Last Scooter Club and ride in the Columbus Day Parade! Amaze your friends and be on TV! Monday October 14th (take the day off, it’s a federal holiday), we meet at 10 am at the Rock and Roll McDonalds (600 N.Clark) and then leave as a group to the staging area.
We are #65 out of 118- we assemble on Columbus Drive between Balbo and Roosevelt for those of you that get seperated. See you all there, all scooter trash are welcome. Afterwards we will be going for lunch and drinks, and we will be giving away shirts courtesy of Hooligan Empire. For additional info email Jack Benigno or visit 22LSC’s web page

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