Christmas on Mars

December 24, 2002

I’m already waiting for next Christmas: The Flaming Lips’ “Christmas on Mars.” [click on “Film”]

“Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling,

December 23, 2002

That’s how it’s been all around me.” Joe Strummer, is dead at 50. I’m sure everyone will be going on and on about it, so I’ll leave it alone.

Start 2003 with Paul Weller

December 22, 2002

ModChicago is hosting a release party for the new Paul Weller album “Illuminations” (Yep-Roc records) at Delilah’s (2771 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) on Thursday, January 2nd. [download .pdf flyer] Mr. Weller, formerly of the Jam and Style Council, is performing February 15th, 2003 at the Vic Theatre, Chicago.

Cannonball Update

December 22, 2002

The surgery went well. A 10 oz. tumor was removed (about the size of a grapefruit). He’s got an icky looking 7″ scar on his left side, but he seems to be doing a bit better than when we first brought him home. We’ll know if he’s got the big C either Thursday or Friday.

Scooter Memory Game

December 22, 2002

If you’re super bored, try this, scooter memory game. For you non-French speakers, click the “Au Jeu” button. Also, check out the screen savers and e-postcards that you can send.

2sb Mascot Under the Knife

December 19, 2002

Get well soon, Cannonball!

Excedrin is giving away money

December 17, 2002

Excedrin Headache Resource Center


December 17, 2002

Congratulations to Two Stroke Smoke on its 100,000th post today. Dana had the honors, though Bill shoulda had it with this one. Man, do we know how to waste time!

R.I.P. Mary Hansen

December 16, 2002

Mary Hansen of Stereolab was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle in London last week. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Stereolab has songs for every occasion in my life, “Jenny Ondioline” was on at the Artful Dodger as I asked Vina to marry me, “Super-Electric” is often stuck in my head as I’m driving or riding, and every time I see a cute girl across the record store that I know I shouldn’t be interested in, I hear that organ part from the beginning of “Lo Boob Oscillator.”

Vespa of Baltimore’s web page

December 16, 2002 Turn up your speakers! (Thanks, Rich!)

Wild Ones vs. Mild Ones

December 13, 2002

Another note from Ana: This week’s People magazine featured famous stars who ride motorcycles
(Wild Ones) and scooters (Mild Ones) on one of the last pages in the issue.
Scooterists include Jerry Seinfeld and his wife on Vintage Vespas,
Matthew Broderick on a sweet GS (if I remember correctly), and 2 other
stars on more modern scoots (posing, I think). Motorcyclists included
Harrison Ford.

Takara “Blythe” Vino Toy

December 13, 2002

Our friend Ana noticed this Ebay auction: a Yamaha Vino for the Takara “Blythe” doll. It’s pretty neat, but I wondered how something like that could be “rare” already. Turns out they came out this summer, but they are actually pretty hard to find in Japanese stores, and were never sold in the U.S. YS Shop has some for $65, but you could buy a real Vino for that. The dolls themselves are pretty fab, too, in a mod-Keane kinda way.

Au Revoir, Mobylette!

December 13, 2002

Another French icon down the tubes. They’re cute, but I’ll stick with Le Speedfight2, Santa, are you listening? Thanks to Andrea, who now has more spare time to find me links.

It’s official

December 13, 2002

TSS is having a bad hair day.

Doors, Durso reunite.

December 12, 2002

Dave Lucash found this news photo of a Doors press conference. From left, former Police drummer Stewart Copeland, with original members, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger, and So1o Scooter Club founder Mike Durso in place of the late Jim Morrison. Asked for comment, Durso replied “Between reality and perception, there are the doors. Preferably early-sixties smallframe engine side doors.” (photo: CP Archive/AP/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Will Lester)

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