Rooney Signals for a Substitution in a Changing Premier League

onenil.gifIt’s not the Champions League or the FA Cup on the front pages of The Times, FourFourTwo, and Total Football, it’s Everton striker Wayne Rooney, the brilliant English 17 year-old that made Arsenal fans weep and Everton fans don “Roonaldinho” jerseys (in tribute to Brazil’s Ronaldinho). Rooney’s goal against Arsenal marked not only the first League loss this season for the Gunners and the belief that Arsenal keeper David Seaman is at the end of his days, it showed a footballing nation how beautiful a goal could be from the foot of a before-unknown, prodigious young talent.
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Why do we live here?

Jedi Chad’s research project for today:
State by state low temperature records:
IL -36 Jan. 5, 1999
HI 12 May 17, 1979
AZ -40 Jan. 7, 1971
Record highest temperature by state:
IL 117 July 14, 1954
HI 100 April 27, 1931
AZ 128 June 29, 1994
At least we’re not in Arizona.

Stock Class of 2002 Reunion

Oh, I almost forgot! The entire M.A.S.S. Stock class was at the Empty Bottle for The Patsys’ show, and I took a photo:
Seated: #1 Stewart Nicol (Supersonic). Standing, left to right: #2 Myk Rodriguez (2strokeBuzz/Primo), #3 Matt DeVries (2strokeBuzz/Primo), #4 Ryan Bastianelli (Moped Hospital/Ryetronics), #5 Tim Youngblood (Andiamo!), #6 Mike Durso (Solo/Speed Shed).

Bajaj Legend Ad

Dave McCabe sent 2SB a copy of Bajaj’s 1999-2000 interactive annual report a couple months ago, and I’ve finally figured out the video compression software enough to wedge one of the 24MB ads into a 1MB file. So, bootlegged for the first time on American public internet, 2SB proudly presents this silly, loveable, overcompressed Bajaj Legend ad from 1999. The Chetak ad’s on the way. Thanks, Dave!