What Rocks Us

March 18, 2003

ipodicon.gifTed Leo and The Pharmacists
“Where have all the rude boys gone?”
from the album Hearts of Oak
courtesy of Lookout Records.


March 7, 2003

“FACT. My computer crashed twice yesterday when I tried to run Lotus Notes and Adobe Photoshop at the same time. FACT. Amazon’s artificial intelligence marketing system just told me that I would love the new Linkin Park album. FACT. Computers will never take over the earth. Even if they did, being enslaved by computers would be like an episode of Hogan’s Heroes. Sergeant Schuuuuuultz!!!” You should be reading Slatch daily. before 2SB.

Bryan’s Vegas Rally Review

March 1, 2003

As the winter blahs encompassed Chicago, the Las Vegas sun was the shining light that kept Vina and me going all through January and the first half of February. Grace’s boyfriend Ken, aka Schmoopy, long may he reign in her heart, had promised us comped accommodations at the Hard Rock Hotel which he has acquired through Vegas Guy, so we were really looking forward to a semi-posh, nearly-gambling-free Vegas experience, and our plan to rent Harleys was all Vina had talked about since Halloween.
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