2003 Vespa Granturismo

April 30, 2003

Not sure how I missed this, but there’s a new Vespa coming out in Europe at the end of March. The Vespa Granturismo looks like a cross bewteen an ET4, a P200, and a Cosa, and it has front/rear discs, and a liquid-cooled 4-valve 4-stroke engine. Not too shabby, especially the (finally!) 200cc model. No news on USA availabilty, but it took us five years to get ET4s. Piaggio is proud to point out that it’s the 38th Vespa model (though 28 of those are variations on the Vespa PK50) and the first of the new millenium, which started a few years ago.

Interpol Rocks Us

April 29, 2003

ipodicon.gifIn honor of the new eye-searing motion-sensor spotlights outside the 2SB compound, here’s Interpol with
“NYC” (.mp3) from Turn on the Bright Lights on Matador Records,
courtesy of Gerard Cosloy.

Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

April 26, 2003

Going to a Motorcycle Show in the middle of a Chicago winter is like going grocery shopping when you haven’t eaten all day. And you can’t afford any of the food. And it’s not for sale anyway.
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Scooter Girl Comic

April 25, 2003

Pip over at TSS turned us on to Scooter Girl by Chynna Clugston-Major. Looks pretty cool. Speaking of scooter comics, Ed Brubaker’s Deadenders is out in book form, though apparently some issues aren’t included. Surely they’re the same ones I’m missing.

Trackday at Road America Update

April 23, 2003

Superbikers2 and ‘Squadra Corsea 2strokeBuzz are hosting an open raceday at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI on Saturday April 26th. It’ll be a great chance for current and prospective racers to get a full day of track time, and for spectators to see them go past more than ten times. NEW INFO FOR RACERS AND SPECTATORS:
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G2K3: The Bacon Cook-Off

April 22, 2003

Courtesy of the Black Windows MC, Some suggestions that will hopefully put your bacon dish over the top and crush the competition:
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Tullycraft rocks us

April 22, 2003

“Twee” mp3 lyrics
from Beat, Surf, Fun on Magic Marker Records.
Courtesy of

Andiamo, Ryetronics on the move

April 22, 2003

Peugeot/Derbi dealer Andiamo! Motorscooters has moved to a bigger, better space in the upscale Little 5 Points area of Atlanta. In other shop news, Ryetronics has moved from Ryan’s basement floor to a newly-constructed workbench, where he sits all day, ready to serve your wiring/ignition needs.

R.I.P. Cannonball!

April 19, 2003

Something got my attention straightaway when I walked into Bryan’s apartment in the summer of 1994. What was that thing dangling from our friend Aimee’s arm, claws dug in for dear life? That, my friends, was Bryan’s new kitten, Cannonball.
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G2K4: A preview

April 19, 2003

Forget a bacon cookoff. Here’s what Galewood 2004 will eventually involve.

Galewood 2K3: For a Few Rashers More

April 18, 2003

Here’s all the info on this year’s Galewood Rally. If you’re thinking about coming, please drop us a line, so we have an idea how many people we’re dealing with.
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International Pop Overthrow

April 17, 2003

As Ann pointed out last week, the IPO starts this Friday here in Chicago. There’s some good stuff going on there, which isn’t surprising as there are something like 160 bands. Hey! M.O.T.O. are still around?

NH-Scooters Peugeot interview

April 17, 2003 continues to interview people so I don’t have to: this time it’s Darby Gippert of Cycle World, importers of Peugeot scooters. They have 130 dealers? Have they sold 130 scooters? I have no idea how they’re getting these things past DOT, but they’re great scooters so I ain’t gonna say anything. patches

April 16, 2003

Bill made up some nifty mechanic-style patches. Why not buy one? C’mon, after all he’s done for you? And speaking of and patches, have you seen their patch gallery?

Lambretta Club USA

April 16, 2003

It’s about time. Lets see if it gets off the ground.

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