Moped Laws

October 31, 2003

In response to the Chicago Parking Letter, Ryan sent this site listing Moped Laws by state. No idea how accurate or up-to-date it is, but it’s a nice quick reference.

Vaseline on the Lens?

October 31, 2003

In keeping with the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, we present the Haunted Motorycle, a photo which claims captures “the presence of a disembodied person”. Wooo! Scary!!

Aprilia RS50 breaks speed records

October 30, 2003

Mototek/Butler Racing team members Van and Cathy Butler set three new production class speed records at Bonneville this season. (MPS-G 82.55mph, MPS-F 83.98mph and APS-G 84.36mph) Their next goal is breaking 100mph on their custom RS50s in race conditions. lists all motorcycle records for Bonneville. 2sb is setting its sights on beating NSU/Happy Mueller’s 1956 50cc record: 121.7mph.

Open Letter regarding Chicago Parking

October 29, 2003

This is a letter I sent to Chicago Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Gerald J. Roper. Matt Siegel informed us that Mr. Roper will soon be meeting with the regional sales manager for Aprilia Scooters and the Chief of the City of Chicago Department of Transportation. 2sb assumes Aprilia is investigating the matter as they plan their boutique at Marshall Fields.
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Chris Winters debut

October 29, 2003

Anyone that’s ever been to a rally in the midwest knows and loves Chris Winters of Rockford IL. Chris is making his stand-up comedy debut Halloween night between bands at Club 505, 505 East State Street in Rockford. Egans Rats, a great band who played at the most recent Rockford rally, will also appear. Chris will do a few shows in Chicago and Madison soon, we’ll keep you posted. Please email Chris for booking info. Mr. Winters also tells us that Screw City SC will host a rally for his CD release party in April in addition to the annual Scooter Piracy rally in July. Be afraid.

“Uneasy Rider”

October 28, 2003

Laid-off man tries to help mom buy furniture for her condo, puts a shload of dinero in the pocket of his jacket, takes off on his Ninja. Sadness all around when the jag forgets to zip his pocket and unwittingly distributes cash to motorists on a San Francisco highway.

Aprilia Boutique at Marshall Field’s

October 24, 2003

Crain’s Chicago Business reports: “Continuing its mission to attract urban shoppers who have strayed from traditional department stores, Marshall Fieldis has opened a boutique selling Italian motor scooters on the ground level of its massive State Street flagship.” Thanks Phil Pace for the link. Coming soon, a Malaguti Boutique in NikeTown.

RIP Scoot Quarterly?

October 22, 2003

At the Scoot Quarterly bag-stuffing party on Monday, Barry and Casey announced that the current issue would be the last. I remember getting an email from them in 1997 or so asking for advice for their new scooter magazine. I wrote them back a short stupid note, then a couple weeks later I got a glossy sales kit from them, they were way ahead of me from the start. SQ had its detractors (and its flaws) but overall, it was a great magazine, the best magazine any of us could have hoped for, and it will be sorely missed, even if it somehow continues without Barry and Casey. NOTE! The post to the BBS was removed, it’s unclear to us what’s going on, this might be some sort of hoax or prankOe more to comeOe

We Must save Indie Rock!

October 22, 2003

Elliot Smith is dead. Calvin’s in the hospital. Incriminators, you keep an eye on Mac and we’ll protect Albini. Stranglers, you’re in charge of Lou Barlow. Someone track down Malkmus and Kim Deal. Agents, you need to make a road trip to Dayton, quick. Oh no! Kim and Thurston aren’t answering their phone! IT’S HAPPENING! RED ALERT!

Sachs MadAss

October 21, 2003

In other ass news, a little Rye-bird tells us he’s heard rumors that the ultra-modern-looking Sachs MadAss moped might be coming to America. Not sure if they’ll be keeping the name, but I sure hope so. Here’s a nice big photo you can print out and frame.

Rodman Strikes Again

October 21, 2003

Dennis Rodman continues to wow audiences who gather outside Las Vegas strip bars to witness his drunken daredevil motorycyle stunts. The idiot strip bar manager decided to loan Rodman his bike for the performance. Don’t worry if you missed this exhibition. Because it’s Vegas, baby, it’s only a misdemeanor, so he’ll be back in the spotlight in no time.

Ass week continues on 2sb

October 21, 2003

My nearly-77-year-old father sent
this photo to Vina today. Normally I’d simply be disturbed that my dad is sending my wife porn, but since nearly every post this week has been about butts (sorry, Evel) it seemed to fit the theme. From what I can tell, it’s an ad for some sort of unholy Czech contest where you send in photos of naked amateur “Warsaw Pact-ion” chicks on bikes. How you use this information is up to you.

L’Antro di Shitman

October 21, 2003

As referenced in the comments the other day, from Italy, via Baxter, dozens of great photos of Shitman’s scooter collection. The last couple photos on page three explain his name, I guess.

The Big 6-5 for Evel

October 18, 2003

Damn, we missed Evel Knievel’s 65th birthday. Bryan will celebrate by jumping Alf’s scooter over Lake Rutherford on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!

Malaguti at Milan

October 17, 2003

Scoot Free or Die has posted Malaguti USA president Joel Martin’s photos from the Milan show. You can tell they’re great scooters because scantily- and comically-dressed Eurotrash girls are rubbing all over them. Some interesting stuff, hopefully some of it makes it to the USA.

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