History of Scoot! Quarterly

In the History of Scoot! Quarterly, Casey mentions 2sb as one of her influences in starting the magazine. Flattered, thanks! I just hunted down this letter in the 2sb file cabinet:

I probably never got around to sending them issue 3, but then again, she never gave me a Rage V patch (Surely she meant Rage XI? Rage V was before we were born). Boy, that was a long time ago. I also found a whole bunch of other ancient letters to 2sb from people that are still around, I’ll post more soon.

New Milena photos

Just in case you didn’t notice, “batch six” is up. I now realize the batches roughly correspond to months, she’ll be six months old a week from today. I have a schload of photos at work I keep meaning to upload, so batch 6a is coming soon. Milena nicknames now include: Millie, Millicent, Millenia, Laney, Lana, Miss M, The M-Train, Booger, Princess Booger, Boogersnot, Drooley, Poo Machine, Smelly, Goober, Goober Pea, Mama, Cutie-Pie, Chick, and Chicky. She’ll answer to any of those.

Cook County looks to crack down on illegal scooters.

If you check Google News regularly for scooter news, you know that hundreds of municpalities around the U.S. are drawing up new laws regarding the plethora of non-DOT/EPA approved miniscooters that are popping up at Pep Boys and flea markets. While sold for use (and arguably only legal to ride) on private property, more and more are appearing on public streets, and since they’re totally unregulated by the DOT and are often ridden by very young children, there’s a clear need for new legislation and/or increased enforcement of existing laws. The Chicago Tribune (thanks for the link, Patrick) reports Cook County is now looking to specifically ban such vehicles on city streets. If the law is passed, anyone riding an illegal miniscooter could be fined between $200 and $1000.

Honda unveils PS250

Alex Pelzel writes “Since you’re such a fan of the Ruckus, You oughtta get a kick and a half outta this:” Honda’s N Project follows up their Ape, Zoomer, Bite, and Solo with a much bigger scooter, the PS250. A cross between a Play Pocket Zoomer (aka Ruckus, the only N-Project bike to cross the Pacific) and a Yamaha Riva without bodywork, it’s sure to be a hit with both the Japanese and the criminally insane (available in camouflage, the “new red”). You’re right, Al, we love it! LOVE IT! Also out soon for our Japanese friends: the Honda Dio Cesta, which is Italian for “boring 50cc scooter with a big honkin’ basket in front.”

BajajUSA comments on cheapo Legends

I asked Al Kolvites, president of BajajUSA, to comment on yesterday’s post about $1500 Bajaj Legends. Here is his reply:

The picture shows a 2003 Legend. And you are correct, we didn’t sell any 2001’s, we started in 2002.

These were not imported by us, and we are the only distributor authorized to sell in the U.S. Unfortunately, anybody in India with a computer can claim themselves as export brokers, and once in a while they get somebody to pay cash in advance for a cheap Bajaj scooter. We periodically get a call from someone asking why they can’t get their scooter through Customs (without a VIN, there is no record in the Custom’s computer of passing EPA tests.) Some boldly ask me to send copies of my EPA certification documents so they can get their illegal scooter through customs.

If you come across anyone dumb enough to buy one of these you will find that it certainly doesn’t meet the DOT and EPA requirements, doesn’t
have a VIN, and is probably without a starter & battery, and it might even be a 125cc (which they make for the Indian market)

There are also some illegal 1993 Bajaj 3 wheelers coming in from Mexico. They are of the 2 stroke variety, and of course don’t meet the EPA requirements, nor the DOT. OK for Mexico, not legal here. I’ve already received several inquires for manual and parts. I will not support an illegal vehicle, I will not reward any illegal behavior.

Buyer Beware!!

Al Kolvites

“Three billion people who have decided to change their quality of life”

Lu$ sent us some more news stories regarding the Piaggio/Zongshen deal: As Piaggio’s European sales rise (arguably on the strength of their larger bikes), they’re planning to double production to keep up with their planned growth in China and India. Forbes also ran a story on the merger, while the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports Zongshen is close to signing a similar deal with Harley Davidson.

Sambuy slams Stella

What started out as a ho-hum scooter roundup in the Sunday Tribune [reg. req., thanks Jordan and Chad] turned interesting towards the end when Piaggio USA president Costantino Sambuy wrote off the Stella:

The Stella is what? It’s 1970s technology? 1980s? Can’t we come into the 21st Century, guys? You have to ride the Granturismo first–and then judge.

(If you can reach the handlebars!) Phil McCaleb of Genuine/Scooterworks replied with

I bring in cargo containers filled with crated Stella motor scooters, There are always several containers on the way, filled with 30 or 40 scooters each. Our dealer network is up to 62 locationsā€¦ I’ve never seen anyone walk into our place–and then walk out without a smile. Motor scooters do that to you.

This makes up for the lack of Bajaj-Genuine rivalry I’d been hoping for. Bajaj has been quiet lately, I hope they’re up to something good. Wait a minuteā€¦ this just in: As Seen On TV: $1,499.95 Bajaj Legend Closeout! [Thanks Lu$] Oh, my.

Mod Chicago Weekender Scooter Show

Kris reminds us that the MODchicago weekender is this weekend, and sent us the details on the scooter show:

I just wanted to remind you and everyone that on June 11th 12th at Delilahs, MODchicago is having a scooter competition with prizes!

This ties in with the MODchicago Weekender*and is at the same time as the*MOD Garage Sale and Record Swap that will be going on Saturday afternoon.

We are asking all interested scooterists to come out and clog Lincoln ave. from 12-3. We*will be awarding prizes for a*number of catagories including Best Vintage, MOD, and Rat Bike. Everyone is welcome. Prizes are being provided by our sponsors*Ben Sherman and*Yellow Jacket Vintage. amongst others.

Delilahs will also be giving every scooterist a FREE pint of beer just for stopping by. An impromptu ride will follow the gathering going in some direction away from Delilahs.

For those of you (DAWN!) saying scooterists in Chicago never do anything, allow me to point out that’s THREE WEEKENDS IN A ROW of Chicago-area rallies, with Slaughterhouse X, Screw City 6, and the Defilers’ rally still to come.