Hot chicks and muscle cars

July 8, 2004

vinanova.jpg That’s what we’re all about here at 2SB. Forget about all that other stuff. So we went to Volo today. Cool stuff, cooler than last time we were there. They have a General Lee, a Batmobile, a Mystery Machine, Natalie Wood’s car, a Back to the Future DeLorean, andOe wait for itOe K.I.T.T! Good stuff.

VBB Electronic Ignition

July 8, 2004

ScootRS is now selling 12v electronic ignition kits for VBB/VBC/VLB style Vespas. The kit includes a new flywheel, stator, and fan; a CDI box; coil; voltage regulator; bulbs; wiring; and grommets. Very Exciting.

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