Dance The Ska!

November 23, 2004

Occasionalmente, come rappresentato nella figura 4d, si possono usare le mani per “frustare il cavallo”.

PX/Typhoon press releases

November 22, 2004

Piaggio’s press releases for the releases of the PX150 Serie America and the Typhoon on PR Newswire. Thanks Lu$.

New Lambretta photos

November 22, 2004

Finally, some more dirt on the new Lammy, from an upcoming article in Scootering. Thanks, GemCityClark.

PX150 is official

November 19, 2004

As promised, Piaggio officially announced yesterday they’re unpacking crates of Vespa PX 150 “Serie Americas” (note the animated gear shift illustration heretofore never seen on a website). Costantino Sambuy’s dealer letter starts out comparing Piaggio’s 1977 technical marvel to the NASA Voyager program, then goes on to say:

Not a vehicle for the inexeperienced, the PX demands a customer who will know how to ride it and how to maintain it; how to change gears without using the clutch [sic?]; and how to remove it from the stand by lifting rather than pushing. Take good care of this customer — they are the strongest ambassadors of our brand!

Good advice. Five years too late, but good. The Typhoon is here, too, if anyone other than Brooke cares.

Lambretta, the band

November 18, 2004

Not to be confused with The Lambrettas, Swedish band Lambretta have been tearing up the charts in northern Europe lately. I’m boycotting RealPlayer, so let me know how bad they are. I’m guessing they’re in the Republika mold. Thanks again Lu$, who says, “I can’t wait to ride the new Lambretta.”

Vespa on DIY

November 18, 2004

Set your Tivos again, the DIY Network’s show Classic Rides has a multi-episode Vespa project coming up. (thx, akyana and Lu$)

Hooters Vespa giveaway

November 18, 2004

From Lu$: Down in the S’th where people are WAY more morally sound, and where Hooters advertises on TV, you can win a Vespa. One time I went to Hooters for lunch with six cute co-worker girls and a gay guy, and I got wings and everyone else got sandwiches. Every single one of them but me threw up that afteroon. So the moral is, stick to the wings and don’t try to compete with the staff for the customers’ attention.

Vegas site!

November 18, 2004

The High Rollers Weekend Vegas rally site is up, three months earlier than usual, and with a pretty damn solid itinerary. Wow. See what happens when the Brits start to outnumber the Yanks?

Your Own Roman Holiday

November 16, 2004

Newsweek has some tips on reliving Roman Holiday on your next vacation. I think I’d prefer the “Y Tu Mama Tambien” or “Lost In Translation” plan, though my budget might limit me to something more like this, or maybe driving around Galewood looking for Kim Novak’s old house.

Monster Nation video online

November 15, 2004

Hard Pack SC is hosting the Monster Nation video on their site, if you haven’t seen it yet. In other Cable TV news, we hope to have Trish’s footage from HGTV up soon, and I keep forgetting to check out Ewan McGregor’s “Long Way Round” on Bravo, it’s on Thursdays at 8/7c.

Vespa Moblog

November 15, 2004 says “Show Us Your Vespa.”

Runnin’ Riot

November 15, 2004

Runnin’ Riot Mail Order has some cool scooter t-shirts. And a schload of Skinhead shirts. (Did you know we sell shirts, too?)

Ride that Kymco Super9 into the American sunset!

November 11, 2004

“It can be hard to find a card that honors the scooter, it’s rider and the USA. This is our first design.” Vina:They’ve pegged the patriotic hillbilly skank scooterist market! It looks like they silhouetted Madonna from the Music album.” To be fair, proceeds go to charity, while 2sb t-shirt profits generally get spent on liquor. If you’ve been looking for an upbeat conservative version of 2sb, you’ve found it!

New Aprilia SR50

November 10, 2004

In a world… where scooters are all starting to look the same… one scooter has the matte black paint and sportbike decals to rise above the rest. Mitchell Gant is the American pilot recruited by NATO for a daring mission into the heart of Italy to steal the world’s first neurologically-controlled scooter… “Zhou must zheeenk een EETALIAN!” Aprilia’s copywriters sure seem proud of their new 50cc moped. I’m sure it’s great. Thanks, Mykrrr.

Goodfellas Pizza ad

November 10, 2004

Cute ad for Goodfellas frozen pizza featuring an early ’60s Vespa and an Ape.

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