December 3, 2004

Five british artists have customized Vespa Granturismos to raise money at a Sotheby’s auction for Action on Addiction. Very impressive, and for once they didn’t start out with ET2s.


Tom’s Stella Trip

December 3, 2004

More Stella news: P.J. at Genuine has posted Tom Jordan’s story about his trip around the country on his new Stella. A fun read and some good photos, too.

PX150/Stella compared!

December 3, 2004

Adding fuel to the fire (which is how he broke my chiminea) Rob Hodge points out that The Scooter Lounge has posted a history of LML’s relationship with Piaggio and a comparison chart of the two scooters. According to the chart, the only plus of the PX is the larger brake disc, but then again, they (and Hodge) sell Stellas. The PXes are on the street now, so I’m sure some more hands-on comparisons will start springing up.