Back from Denver

July 31, 2006

I’m back from Amerivespa with a head full of stories and a camera full of photos. Here are the front-page story and feature story from the Sunday Denver Post, which was somehow printed and on our hotel room doorstep at least five hours before we went to bed “Saturday” night.

En vild, vild Vespa

July 26, 2006

Cha-Cha sends us the 1991 masterpiece En Vild, Vild Vespa (right-click to download) by Sweden’s greatest biker bar band, Kenneth and the Knutters. Judging by photos of the band (or is that a Hein Gericke catalog?), the song is probably not terribly complimentary to our chosen means of transportation, but everyone loves Swedes that sound like the Georgia Satellites with Falco on lead vocals.

“Fhybrid” hydrogen concept scooter

July 26, 2006

Dutch student Crijn Bouman has designed a new hydrogen-powered scooter called the Fhybrid. The prototype doesn’t actually run on hydrogen, so we can all get excited about that when it happens, but the physical design of the scooter is better than most current electric scooters.

Horse Power with HASC

July 26, 2006

Heck’s Angels Scooter Club (Warning: MySpace page) has organized a ride next weekend to Arlington Park for some horse racing (and presumably betting). The ride is Saturday, August 5th, and leaves Dunlay’s in Logan Square at 10:30am. The first race is at 1:00pm.

(Note: The ride to Pierogifest in Whiting, IN scheduled for this weekend has been canceled.)

Farewell, P.J.!

July 26, 2006

R… A… M… B… L… I… N… Apostrophe!

Our friend P.J. Chmiel, the man responsible for Genuine Scooter Co. and Scooterworks’ fantastic graphic design for the past few years, is hitting the road for the next few months to see America on his custom Stella “Ramblin’ Man” (above). This Saturday (7-29-2006) 9:30-on, wish Peej good luck at Sally’s Lounge (3759 N. Western, at Grace).


July 26, 2006

London authorities have organized ScooterSafe London, a great program where police meet with riders and observe their riding, offering tips and recommendations. New and experienced riders are welcome. It’d be great to see U.S. municipalities taking a pro-active approach to safety rather than relying on reactionary legislation. Of course, the “bad guys” won’t participate (a recent Chicago Sun-Times story quoted police saying only 15% of motorcycle speeders are caught in Chicago), but new riders and responsible citizens deserve a chance to learn good habits.

Vespa: 60 Years

July 26, 2006

Vespa: 60 YearsSo it seems like the 50th anniversary was just yesterday, but you’ve finally grown bored with “Cult of Vespa” and “Vespa: Style in Motion,” and just in time, Piaggio comes out with another glossy, expensive rehash of their history: Vespa: 60 Years. Haven’t seen it in person yet, but Vespa’s books are always handsome.

Big Ben loses more respect

July 25, 2006

FOX Sports reports that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not get involved in any safety advocacy campaigns, instead, he will make excuses (“my helmet was in the basement!”) whine about how hard it is to “live life under a microscope” and let people “make their own decisions.” My decision is to abandon my 30+ years of Pittsburgh Steelers fandom because their quarterback is no better than your average gun-toting, date-raping NFL felon.

Back from vacation

July 24, 2006

If 2sb seemed a little slow last week, it was, we were in Michigan all week. Thanks to Cy for knocking out some posts, and we managed a few posts from a coffeeshop, but we’ve got a big backlog of news waiting to be posted, so check back often. In the meantime, let us add our best wishes to Zac Johnson and his family, as Cy noted, you can track his progress and help out via

Be a pocket mod

July 23, 2006

It looks like even the Razor scooter has been given a retro styled makeover.
Named the “Pocket Mod Bistro”, quite how much it is “Reminiscent of the classic Vespa” and how it “radiates Euro-spy chic” we’re not sure…

Pocket Mod

Child Riding Belts

July 20, 2006

I’ve ridden up and down the alley a couple times with Milena precariously set upon the floorboards of my Vespa, but I look forward to the day I can take her for a real ride. While toddlers riding as passengers on motorcycles is a way of life in many countries, it’s a bit frowned upon in the U.S. Now, thanks to the Child Riding Belt (Invented, obviously, in Canada, and clearly labeled as “not a safety device”) I’ll be able to tote her around as soon as I can find a helmet that fits. Or maybe not. Thanks for the link, Mad Man Maddox.

Piaggio X9 tour for pet charity

July 20, 2006

Steve Basford of Tenerife, Canary Islands, is touring 6,500 kms through Europe on a Piaggio X9 125, for a charity promoting veterinary care. How do all these people get so much time off work to ride scooters for weeks on end for charity? Best of luck, Steve.

ATL Scooterist Down

July 17, 2006

Atlanta scooterist and Stellaspeed owner Zac Johnson was involved in a crash on Sunday with an SUV that made an illegal turn in front of him.
He is currently in a coma in hospital.
A fund has been set up for him, his wife and his 2 week old child.
The Paypal address is
Please read more about his accident
2Strokebuzz staff wish him a fast recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Update: A blog has been set up to follow Zac’s progress

Two Stella/LML rumors:

July 14, 2006

An unregistered user “Dr. Sparks” claimed yesterday on the ScooterBBS that he’d heard that a british concern was trying to buy the Star/Stella tooling from LML, not with the intention of producing the bikes, but simply to prevent its destruction. Today a rumor is circulating that LML distributors have been contacted by LML and notified that the Star would no longer be produced. Both these rumors are thirdhand and unsubstantiated, and it’s unclear whether LML’s recent financial shuffling signals a plan to reorganize or a final cash-in to pay creditors. 2SB rarely posts rumors, but it sounds like we can expect big news about LML soon.

Ride to Work Day: July 19th

July 14, 2006

Wednesday, July 19th is the annual Ride to Work Day. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the event. It’s a nice way to get out and ride while proving that bikers (and their bikes) come in all shapes and sizes.

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