Slaughterhouse pre-party tonight!

Los Corazones Negros’ annual Slaughterhouse pre-party is tonight (Thursday, August 31) at Liar’s Club, 1665 W. Fullerton Ave. 9pm-til-midnight, an $8 wristband gets you free beer, Midnight-to-close, beer is only $1 DJs spin all night. 2strokebuzz will be there, running the Crapraffleâ„¢ and selling merchandise to support

Slaughterhouse 12 continues Friday night at Frank & Mary’s (2905 N. Elston Ave), with Karaoke and a midnight ride.

The Blur 150: Modern scooters aren’t rubbish


This my first review of a scooter in more than ten years of writing 2strokebuzz. My first scooter was a vintage Vespa and have pretty much stuck to what I know. I’ve taken a few spins on various modern scooters, and have been impressed by some, and not by others. The Blur impressed me.
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Kinetic, Ducati electrical units form joint venture

The Business Standard of India reports a joint venture has been formed by Kinetic Communication and Ducati Energia to manufacture “flywheel magnetos, CDI, ignition system, regulators and ECU for two and three-wheelers.” The venture will be called “Ducati Energia India,” and will be based in Pune. Kinetic is currently developing and manufacturing the former Italjet line of scooters. If only they could work Lucas into this deal, they’d pretty much dominate motorcycle electrics for a thousand years.

LML: Rhymes with “What the Hell?”


MEMBERS OF the All-India Central Council of Trade Union (AICCTU) have warned that the responsibility for any attempt of group self-immolation by the employees of the closed LML Limited would lie on the Chief Minister, Labour Ministry and owners of the LML Limited.  The warning was issued in a letter written by AICCTU state president Hari Singh to the Chief Minister and Secretary, Labour Ministry. He said about 5,000 employees and their family members were in deep financial trouble due to the lockout declared by the LML Limited from March 7, 2006.

“Self-Immolation?” As in this? Is that properly translated? Are LML workers seriously threatining suicide-by-fire if the plant doesn’t reopen? I’m no expert in Indian culture or Indian business methods, but that sounds bad.

Kids ain’t too smart in Hemel Hempstead

I can’t even believe this is true, but apparently there have been multiple reports in Hertfordshire, England, that kids are carrying around extra gas for their minibikes and Go-Peds in motherf••king plastic bags. So that’s one more sticker that the MOT will require on all new bikes, just because people are stupid as all get-out. I don’t think I need to tell you that’s a bad idea. Everyone knows you’re supposed to store your extra gas in a styrofoam 72oz. Big Gulp cup*.
* That was a joke, don’t be stupid.

Genuine lineup update

We’ve been telling you this for months: The few Stellas left on showroom floors are the last ones we’ll ever see. Despite yesterday’s glimmer of hope for LML, the Stella has officially been deleted from Genuine’s lineup (though parts and accessories are available). The updated site features Genuine’s current all-PGO lineup: The Black Cat and Buddy, and the brand-new Blur and Rattler.