Yamaha MPG throwdown

Autobloggreen noticed that Yamaha has added MPG estimates to its website. They claim 124mpg for the Zuma, 110 for the Vino, 115 for the C3, all of which are 50cc models (the Zuma is a 2-stroke). Even their Barcaloungers pull over 50mpg, with the Morphous at 56 and the Majesty at 51. All those numbers seem pretty unrealistic in the real-world, and likely to spark even more exaggerated claims from other makers.

Media frenzy finds Chelsea

After a rush of scooter stories in North Carolina and Minnesota, the evil biased liberal media finally wrote a fair and balanced article, including another of our favorite dealers, Chelsea at Scoot Richmond. The gratuitous Roman Holiday reference was vindicated with the quoted 60mpg mileage figure, which is actually kind of on the low side. (Remember that time that Chelsea posed topless for 2sb? You knew I was going to bring that up.)

Bajaj activates their CAPS LOCK key

The Bajaj empire consists of financial services, consumer electronics, and insurance companies along with their motorcycles, scooters, and industrial vehicles (and soon, their consumer automobile). It’s time for a new logo, though the story doesn’t bother showing us what it looks like. It sounds like the all-caps “BAJAJ” text (used under the “flying B” in the Bajaj Auto logo) will be used within logos for Bajaj Electricals, Bajaj Allianz Insurance, and Bajaj’s other holdings and financial services companies. Yes. I just linked to a Bajaj toaster. It’s not as silly as KTM’s toaster.

Operation Vectrix

Vectrix has been lending out 100 electric scooters in European cities (more than they’ve sold to date, by some accounts) to celebrate the third anniversary of the Kyoto treaty. Riders can reserve a bike to test for a limited period, and are then offered incentives to purchase (EU “green” credits and discounts make the bike much more accessible in Europe, Vectrix is lobbying for a similar program in the U.S.). The program started in Rome, is currently running in Bologna, and will visit Milan, Turin, Madrid, and Paris in coming months. Vectrix has also started taking pre-orders for its three-wheeled electric scooter based on the Piaggio MP3 system.

Malaguti: “Draw your own conclusions”

Baron Motors’ BBS announcement-of-sorts is actually more of a caption contest than an announcement. (BTW, that’s one “t” in Malaguti). I suppose the gist is that CFmoto is building Malaguti-branded bikes and selling them here via Baron. (See also: PSF/QJ/Benelli, LS/?/Italjet.) Also, just for fun, read the Wikipedia Malaguti page and guess who probably wrote it. (Thanks, Matty.)

Connecticut includes scooters in rider courses

Connecticut rider training classes now welcome scooters, which is great, but this hothead is upset about it. He’s worried someone passing the test on a scooter could someday ride a geared motorcycle without proper training. Sure, that’s possible, but every state I know of has always allowed people to take the motorcycle test on an automatic scooter, not to mention the fact that many (if not the majority of) Americans have automobile drivers’ licenses without ever having driven a manual transmission car. A scooter and a motorcycle have a lot more similarities than they do differences, and any training riders can get is great.

Cackalacka News bits: 4/3/08

A bunch of stories to block out election coverage:

Electrics, Hybrids And New ‘Refueling’ Station To Be Showcased At INTERMOT ’08

Roadracingworld.com reports that there will be a special section focusing on ‘alternative-drive’ motorcycles and scooters at the 2008 INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany.  Electric-, hybrid- and alternative fossil fuel-driven vehicles  will be on display as well as a station for refueling from the sun.  The German solar energy company, Solon AG, will run a recharging station at the Innovation Centre.  Addressing the issue of logistics of alternative energy sources for personal transportation is a key aspect to any change in the state of personal transportation around the world.  Gasoline is just too darn convenient with it’s completely developed delivery infrastructure.