GTS 250 Super to U.S.?

May 30, 2008

The talk on Modern Vespa suggests the U.S. will get a Vespa GTS 250 Super, and not the 300, though it may eventually come. (thanks for the link, John!) Since the early days of the Vespa, Piaggio’s often brought popular models to the U.S. long after they’d become old news in Europe. Sure, our requirements are different and our market is smaller, but after Colaninno’s pre-IPO talk of making America a top priority, it still feels like we’re getting Piaggio’s leftovers. Most Piaggio dealers report that popular bikes in popular colors are barely trickling in, while PiaggioUSA tries to dump older and less-desirable models.

Pics from LML Factory Tour

May 30, 2008

Two pages worth of photos from the LML factory in Kanpur show the most detailed aspects of PX-clone production we’ve seen to date. Credit to the boys at and Xytar of the BBS for posting the link.

sidenote : I really wish that PK copy would have made it to American shores. I wonder if those were part of the Genuine / LML smallframe rumors i heard several years back that never materialized.

Vespadition cut short

May 27, 2008

Vespa Thousand Oaks officially released this statement at midnight, saying they are putting an abrupt end to Peter Ramstine’s “Vespadition” campaign of which they were a primary sponsor, due to allegations of impropriety coming in from various sources, including this anonymous letter.

Scooters to save gas – a bad idea?

May 23, 2008

Autoextremist’s Peter M. De Lorenzo turns his sights on scooters this time for his weekly “Rants” column. It certainly takes the opposite stance as all of the “Everyone should buy a scooter to save money on gas!” articles that come out anytime gas prices rise.

Worth the read.

Japanese Customs

May 23, 2008

Here’s a nice collection of photos of customized twist-n-gos from Japan on twowheelsblog. Not my thing, at all, but worth a look.

T-Max 749

May 23, 2008

For Ryan: A Yamaha T-Max with a Ducati 749 engine. Goodtimes.

Euromopeds on MV

May 23, 2008

Another company selling the “Lambretta” Pato/Lance Milan/ZNen ZN151T-F, is Euromopeds. Euromopeds’ Massimiliano Versace pulled the old multiple-usernames-with-one-IP shill over at Modern Vespa, and MV moderator Jess ripped him a new one, with a little help from SR of ScooterBBS fame. It’s a fun read, and by linking it here, with my additional “Googly goodness.” perhaps it’ll help push that MV thread above Euromopeds’ own site and their Craigslist spams in search engines.

P.E.A.C.E update

May 22, 2008

Alix is in New Orleans and blogging strong. Definitely worth checking daily (update:RSS is working now, hooray!). Be sure to check out her weekly raffles.

Lambretta Pato commercial

May 22, 2008

A TV commercial for the European-market “Lambretta” Pato (aka the Lance Milan, ZNen ZN151T-F, Flyscooter LaVie, etc.), not to be confused with the Lambretta International Uno and Due sold in the U.S., or an actual Lambretta. The only thing sadder than a Chinese Lambretta is putting end credits on a commercial on YouTube. (Via

Scooter shortage?

May 21, 2008

Not to exacerbate this scooter-buying frenzy, but U.S. scooter reserves appear to be running low. Here are some things I’ve heard lately, from various sources:
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Next they’ll ticket the scooters inside the shop

May 21, 2008

Looks like someone in Bristol got the “Officer Simone treatment”

60 million Cubs

May 21, 2008

You’d think with 60 million Honda Cubs on the road, they could spare a few for the United States. The good news: Carter is considering bringing in the Sym Sym WoWow Cub clone.

Dragster my ass

May 20, 2008

Go Moto,Osseo, MN

Hi. I would like to buy one of your Italjet Dragster motor scooters.


Oh, and thanks for blatantly lying about parking and license requirements, too. You’re making scooter dealers everywhere proud.

Love, Bryan

P.S. Steve/Mathu/Diamo/LS, is this the kind of behavior you encourage in your dealers? Spamming, bait-and-switching, and lying on Craigslist? Great.

Amerivespa 2008 registration open

May 20, 2008

Amerivespa 2008 in Chattanooga, TN, is now open for registration. Amerivespa is the Vespa Club of America’s national rally, I’ve been the last three years (Cleveland, Denver, and Seattle) and it’s been fantastic. Events include several rides (including the legendary Deal’s Gap “Dragon,”), a river cruise, a concours and gymkhana, a pub crawl, a vendor area/swap meet, raffles, and an awards banquet, plus much more. If you’re going, be sure to preregister, it seems expensive, but it’s worth it. (The cruise and banquet, for instance, fill up quickly, and generally aren’t included in the [higher] day-of-event registration fee). Of course, it’s cheaper if you’re a VCOA member, and you’ll get four issues of VCOA’s fantastic American Scooterist. The rally (and the VCOA) welcomes all scooterists, new and old, modern and vintage, and it’s a really friendly atmosphere* to make new friends.

*Aside from that one guy.

“Wheels” on the Vespa S

May 20, 2008

Dan at the New York Times’ “Wheels” blog takes the Vespa S for a spin and gives it a good, honest assessment. I’m digging “Wheels,” (and not only because Dan’s linked to us a few times lately).

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