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This contributing author was highly resistant to social networking sites. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine how Facebook could degenerate into the next myspace with horrible backgrounds and unavoidable embedded music. But a networking site that allowed 2SB to have it’s own fan site can’t be all that bad. If you are a fan of the ‘blog’ and are on Facebook, show your affection and Bryan will probably be touched, or possibly disgusted (Your guess is as good as mine.). If you’re not ‘on Facebook’, you’re not missing all that much except the possibility of finding that one girl from high school that you always wished you had asked out on a date.

Good Ol’ Norwegian Hosts

From Deadlicious via The New Cafe Racer Society, we are reminded of the good manners possessed by our Scandihoovian brethren. I wonder if some tourism savvy municipality could resurrect such a program in the USA. It would create much needed jobs for out of work scooterists. In these hard times, there may not be enough graphic design jobs to go around.

2sb Christmas Address

Hi Gang. Long time, no post, and I’m sorry. I’ve got many, many posts and links bookmarked and they’re coming soon, but it’s been a crazy month (good and bad) and it got crazier (bad) the other night. A restaurant delivery van spun into our lane and destroyed our car and sent Vina and I to the hospital ’til the early hours of Christmas Eve. We’re both in a lot of pain, but we’re alive and not too seriously injured and we’re glad our daughter was already at her grandparents and wasn’t in the car with us. Thanks to our great friends Ken and Kim and Vina’s sister Jen, we made it to Indiana for Christmas, and it maybe wasn’t the Best Christmas Ever, but it was still a very special day and we got to spend it with our daughter and our family.

It’s seemed like a tough year for Vina and I, but an awful lot of people have it an awful lot worse. Scooter crashes and thefts, flooded basements, knee surgeries, and all the other dumb things that went wrong this year are hard to take, but we’re very happy to be loved, insured, and employed, and we’re going to be just fine. The future is looking bright, a lot of unbelievably great things happened this year, too, I co-directed a video for one of my favorite bands, against incredible odds we elected a president we really believe in, we watched our daughter grow bigger/smarter/more beautiful, we both lost some weight, and we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Even the bad news had silver linings, our basement is really clean now, my stolen Blur was replaced, PSF gave us the Andretti to test, Tracie’s knee is stronger and better than ever before, and we figure insurance will come through for us on the auto accident. As long as we’ve got each other and our great families and friends, we’re going to be just fine.

We’re going to take another week or so to recover, celebrate Milena’s fifth birthday, finish American Scooterist, find a car, spend some more time with friends and family, and get our act together, and we promise we’ll come back stronger than ever on January 5. Happy Christmas, everybody, and thanks, thanks, thanks, again.

Scooter books for the holidays

Sorry for the lack of posts, we’ve had an eventful couple weeks, both good and bad, and we’ll catch up soon, but in the meantime, here’s a post from last year about great scooter book gifts. I’ll write a new post about books that came out this year, but this should give you a headstart on your Christmas shopping:
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Black Lungrophenia

Poor Black Lungs guy. First zombies, now this. If Quadrophenia filtered the ’60s through the ’70s, this video filters the ’60s through the ’70s through the ’80s through the ’90s on a Canadian indie-label budget. Can you believe there are people so young they think of Rancid as “old-school?” Nice (though repetitive) footage, though, and very sweet barn-fresh Vespas. And hey, it’s fun.
(Thanks, Zombie Bill, who sent it in a better player but I wanted to embed it, without ads.)