Italjet refuses to die

January 12, 2010

Once upon a time — more than a decade ago — an Italian motorcycle company with a history of offbeat scooters decided to make a big push into the booming European scooter market. The designs, notably the Swatch/Vespa-hybrid Velocifero and the ahead-of-its-time Dragster captured the public imagination worldwide. Since Italjet were Italian, they inevitably botched it all up, closed up shop, licensed their models to Kinetic in India, then annually announced the rebirth of the Dragster (vaporware!) at EICMA while slapping “Italjet” stickers on cheapo Chinese bikes for the European market. One model briefly made it to the U.S. during this period, a cheap Chinese knockoff of their own late-90s Torpedo. Meanwhile, Kinetic chunked out one uninspired model, the ex-Italjet Millenium, as the “Blaze” for the Indian market, and teased the world with an occasional Velocifero press release.

But all that’s about to change! I’m going to bring Italjet back MYSELF!

Dear Sir,

Seasons Greetings for 2010.
We “Autoprima” situated in india city of Pune(near Mumbai) where this is Automotive industrial hub and the manufacturing company for Italian ITALJET scooters.
We are export dealer of KINETIC -ITALJET and having “italjet millenium 125 C.C. scooters 4 stroke and 100 C.C. 2 stroke in our stalk as well inventry of Parts . You may forward this to the perspective buyers of ITALJET scooters.We will apreciate if you contact us for further business oportunity.
Thanking you ,
Yours truly,

Prakash Kulkarni,
Pune . India
Cell :00919823263107

Yes, I want a scooter so bland and outdated that it’s named after a point in time, ten years ago. I’m dialing as soon as I can find a replacement battery for my Nokia 101. Italjet is back, the end.


3 Responses to “Italjet refuses to die”

  1. BrookeNo Gravatar on January 12th, 2010 12:27pm

    I got out of my legal troubles so I won’t deplete the 2SB budget. I’m now assuming there’s enough left over to send me to Pune.

    I’ll find a Scooop and a Velo 100cc two stroke.

  2. scootervillainNo Gravatar on January 12th, 2010 9:01pm

    Could you change the title to “Italjet refuses to become un-dead.”

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar on January 12th, 2010 9:51pm

    If Italjet is the zombie of the scooter world, it sounds like a job for S.P.A.Z. Or is that a conflict of interest?

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