The 10 Varieties of Mod

David Walker at asks Which type of Mod are you?

I’m maybe a “nonner,” but just. Walker forgets that Nonners refuse to accept that “Mod” is a style of music.

Thanks, Rippinyarn on Modern Buddy

BTW, surely you know the old Beatles Joke:

Yo La Tengo took it to the next level at 1:46 in what might be the funniest music video ever:

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  1. BTW, that’s WFMU DJ Tom Scharpling, (co-host of the “Best Show” with Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster) as “Big Andy Rigg” from WHYP, and Marshall Crenshaw as himself.

    The guy hanging posters at :53 looks like it might be Jonathan Richman and “Bobby Romeo” sort of looks like Greg Dulli. “Sir Christopher Gerard” looks like Mike Myers or Jimmy Fallon, but I’m totally speculating on all those. I’m really just posting all this hoping someone Googles “Yo La Tengo” “Tom Courtenay” “Cameos.” and helps set me straight.

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