Motorcycle Graveyard

December 23, 2010

After photos surfaced of a huge motorcycle graveyard in western New York a few months ago, DC Classic Cycles’ Dynamite Dave went to check it out. It’s a great story to go with the amazing photos. (Thanks, Matt!)

Lance, SYM, and the Cali Classic

December 19, 2010

UPDATE: As of early January 2011, Lance has allegedly notified dealers they’ll be taking over the western U.S. from Carter Brothers.

Mike Hickman, National Sales Manager of Lance Powersports, contacted us regarding the rumors that Lance will replace Carter Brothers as SYM’s U.S. importer.
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Registration temporarily locked

December 16, 2010

I’ve temporarily locked out new members thanks to some auto-bot spammy spam spam that seems to have beat our Captcha system. That shouldn’t affect anything unless you’re new to the site and wish to register to comment. Just wait a few days or email us and we’ll set you up right away. Registered readers can still log in and comment and see all the secret members-only posts (I made that up) (OK, there are a couple), everyone else can view the site as usual.

SYM gossip

December 15, 2010

Wow! Then again, this might actually turn out to be a step up from Carter Brothers.


December 13, 2010

Via ScootRS, the best Lambretta Lambro resource I’ve ever seen, (not that I’ve been looking).

Genuine Buddy 170 for 2011,
Electric IDEP coming to Europe

December 10, 2010

Bosco on Modern Buddy beats us to the scoop: 161cc fuel-injected Genuine Buddy in three new colors for 2011. If they can keep the price reasonably close to the carbureted models, these will rule the scooter market.

In other PGO Buddy news, PGO’s promisingly redesigned eBuBu is called “IDEP”, it’s a “Buddy” with electric motors mounted within both wheels, It’s due in Europe soon.

Rok Bagoros, Slovenian Stunt Rider

December 5, 2010

As if Americans need further proof that scootering is far more evolved in Europe, stunt riding has been growing in popularity across the Continent. Originally featured in exhibitions at other motorsports events, stunt riding apparently has its own competitions now, and one of the leading stars is Rok Bagoros, a 21-year-old Slovene who grew up idolizing German sportbike stunter Chris Pfieffer and has been practicing since he turned 15. Rok performs astounding stunts, all on his customized automatic Yamaha Aerox. He’s got sponsors, a flashy website, autographed photos, magazine features, and a growing fan base. We’ve all seen our share of ill-advised scooter jackassery, but wouldn’t it be great to see Americans take stunt scootering (and racing, and customization) to such a professional level?