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Sorry if you’ve had a hard time logging in in the last day or two, we finally found some decent software to block the fake registrations we were getting, and turned registration back on (link on “log in” in the bottom right column) but it locked out current users. Everything should be hunky-dory now, drop us a line if you’re still having problems.

A Swiss-tastic e-Bike

I usually avoid posting about trendy e-Bike prototypes, but this nifty-looking folding e-bike is apparently available in Switzerland. You may note it’s quite evocative of another famous Swiss product (not cheese) and might be a better candidate for your car’s trunk than the Motocampo concept posted the other day. Voltitude is taking pre-orders for international delivery in late 2011.

2011 Gas-Price Scooter Frenzy Begins

POCPhil launches the 2011 gas price scooter media blitz. Fine, even Phil’s doing it*, I’m not gonna begrudge dealers for milking the gas mileage argument, scooter shops that lasted through 2010 really need the business, and I hope 2011 rivals 2008 for scooter sales. But if consumers do some research, they’ll see fuel prices are an excuse to buy a scooter, not a true justification.
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Genuine Stella 4T 3,000-Mile Review

Eric (and probably Eric alone) has been riding a 4-stroke Stella for a few months now, and has racked up 3,000 miles, here’s his review.. You’ll likely find it more insightful and more up-to-date than our review of the prototype from two years ago.

My take remains the same: It’s good for the environment, and good for gas savings, and to the untrained eye, it looks just right, the only downside (compared to the 2-stroke) is reduced parts and accessory interchangeability with the Vespa P-Series.

Vintage Vespa fans may find one other complaint, which Eric summarizes nicely:

All those vintage faithful prematurely complaining about the Stella 4T’s performance may have some newfound respect for them once they ride next to one. Or they’ll just hate it because it doesn’t sound and smell like a 2T.

Return of the Honda Motocampo?

Scooter Station features photos of a new Honda Motocampo concept, a modernized version of the scooter that was designed to fit in the back of the Honda City automobile for the 80s Japanese market. It was a great idea then, and still is, but will Madness be available for the television commercial?
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Timoni out, Martinez in at Piaggio USA

Sources (SDG at Modern Buddy,, Hell For Leather, Scooterism, etc…) report that Paolo Timoni, CEO/President of Piaggio Group Americas since 2005, has left the company. Piaggio has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. PGA imports and markets the Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi brands in the U.S.

Update, new prez/CEO is Manuel Martinez, formerly manager of Piaggio Spain.

Fremont Motors Electric Scooter Concept Show In Seattle

In the past I have posted a few items on the electric conversion offerings from Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle. Now the man behind those efforts, Jeb Gast, has designed a new electric scooter to be unveiled this Friday, March 4th at Motore Coffee in Seattle, WA. The party begins at 5:30 and the designer/builder will be on hand to show off his work and talk about the process and plans for the future.

The new venture is called Fremont Motors and the scooter has been named “Fido”. The goal was to make a new, clean design that would allow user access for maintenance, but simple enough to minimize the need. Jeb has shared some preliminary ideas and specifications that sound exciting. He’s promised to send photos of the event but if anyone from the gray, damp city can attend, please take some snaps and send them to brookespeed at that google email service.

Fido Release Party
Friday, March 4th, 5:30pm
Motore Coffee
1904 9th Ave, Seattle