Lingotto Special Follow-Up

September 28, 2011

Just what Brooke was hoping for: Motoblog’s report (and great photos) from the Lingotto Special event from Motoblog. I didn’t realize how unique the Lingotto test track is, that must have been an incredible experience!

Red Bull Lingotto Special

September 23, 2011

If you happen to be in Turin Sunday, you won’t want to miss the Red Bull Lingotto Special, a vintage Vespa/Lambretta race at Fiat’s Lingotto test track. I especially dig the creepy neofuturist poster.

Cross Egypt Challenge

September 21, 2011

Coming in October: a 1000-mile endurance ride across Egypt “to promote tourism, alternative sports, and alternative means of transportation.”

If I checked my Twitter account more often, I would have told you about it in time for you to sign up.

Slaughterhouse 17 Gallery

September 21, 2011

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since Slaughterhouse and I’ve just about caught up on sleep.
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NYC Vespa Safety Tips

September 19, 2011

via Scooterism (again!): great urban scooter-riding tips from Forbes’ Hannah Elliot and Piaggio product manager Michael Lee.

Dussel and Uschold’s World Tour

September 16, 2011

Between July 1955 and July 1956, Wim Dussel and Manfred Uschold travelled the world on a Maico scooter with sidecar. 36 photos (from 10,000 negatives!) were published in Dussel’s 1957 book De wereld is nog altijd rond : per scooter dwars door Europa, Azië en Noord-Amerika, more than 400 are published in this must-see photo set.

Thanks a million, Scooterism!

Malaguti: Little Hope for a Future

September 15, 2011

Charles-Emmanuel at Scooter-Infos puts it best:

Maigre consolation : le célèbre logo éviterait ainsi d’être apposé à la va-vite sur d’obscures productions extrême-orientales.

(Google translation)

Scooters of the Apocalypse

September 13, 2011

“If you’re one of those people who find James Joyce’s “Ulysses” too long and lacking in pictures” of vintage scooters, Alister Kitchen’s Scooters of the Apocalypse comic book is available now from Createspace or Amazon. It looks great, we’ll definitely be stocking a copy in the 2strokebuzz bathroom library.


September 8, 2011

Wow, kid’s TV just keeps getting better: Skaville sneak preview. Password is “hortense.” Thanks, Poliana!

Canadian Mods…

September 8, 2011

…have a new uniform. Good to see the Jets back, especially at the expense of Atlanta, but this better not pull the Wings out of the Western Conference.

Tenor Salvatore Licitra Dies,
Weeks after Vespa Accident

September 6, 2011

Italian tenor (and Ducati ambassador) Salvatore Licitra was seriously injured in a Vespa accident on August 27, and died Monday after two weeks in a coma. Doctors suggested it was likely that Licitra lost control of the scooter after a brain hemorrhage.

Via Silent Ron

Red Eye “Scooter Power”

September 6, 2011

As usual, a high-profile scooter story appears in the local media the day AFTER our rally. This year it was Katrine speaking for us and the Tribune‘s Red Eye managed to avoid the usual scooter cliches and misinformation for a pretty solid general-scootering story.

Heinkelfest 2011

September 2, 2011

Heinkelfest may not be the biggest rally of the year, even if all 350 of the Heinkel Tourists sold in the U.S. were still running. But any rally so carefully targeted deserves a shout, right? Organizer Michael McWilliams (who–you might have guessed–is also behind and the North American Heinkel Registry is a past-president of the Vespa Club of America and one of the nicest guys in scootering. Even if you find yourself Heinkel-less, or can’t make it to Colorado Springs later this month, you might want to print the handsome event poster for your garage.

Slaughterhouse 17… almost go-time

September 1, 2011

Sorry it’s been slow here lately, we’ve been feverishly preparing for Slaughterhouse 17, which starts next Thursday, September 1. Slaughterhouse is always a great rally, but this year we’ve stepped things up a notch with a University of Chicago “Scav”-inspired weekend-long scavenger hunt that will tie all the usual events together. We hope you can make it, I’ll be one of the judges, and I’ll be DJing some French biker fuzz rock that everyone will hate, early-ish Friday night at Late Bar.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to check out the Scavenger List, which will be posted at 5pm today!