Heinkelfest 2011

Heinkelfest may not be the biggest rally of the year, even if all 350 of the Heinkel Tourists sold in the U.S. were still running. But any rally so carefully targeted deserves a shout, right? Organizer Michael McWilliams (who–you might have guessed–is also behind HeinkelTourist.com and the North American Heinkel Registry is a past-president of the Vespa Club of America and one of the nicest guys in scootering. Even if you find yourself Heinkel-less, or can’t make it to Colorado Springs later this month, you might want to print the handsome event poster for your garage.

Slaughterhouse 17… almost go-time

Sorry it’s been slow here lately, we’ve been feverishly preparing for Slaughterhouse 17, which starts next Thursday, September 1. Slaughterhouse is always a great rally, but this year we’ve stepped things up a notch with a University of Chicago “Scav”-inspired weekend-long scavenger hunt that will tie all the usual events together. We hope you can make it, I’ll be one of the judges, and I’ll be DJing some French biker fuzz rock that everyone will hate, early-ish Friday night at Late Bar.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to check out the Scavenger List, which will be posted at 5pm today!