Seattle: $38 fine for scooter-moving

August 5, 2008

Orin reports Seattle is enacting a $38 fine for moving a parked scooter. Not much of a deterrent, but when local governments are even acknowledging such a problem, it’s good news. Orin should be printing up “park here for $38” stickers.

48 days in Columbus

July 21, 2008

Columbus Ohio’s new dedicated motorcycle and scooter parking, unveiled last week, has been making national news and will hopefully serve as a model for other communities. The best part: it all happened over the course of 48 days, starting with a well-organized protest, followed by good communication and swift, positive action by the city. It’s amazing to relive the entire process in this thread on the Cutters’ forum. The more I learn about how this happened, the more I’m floored. This is historic stuff, and how cool are the signs?

Recycling scooter tires

July 15, 2008

A london home design company is selling seats made from recycled scooter tires. They’re neat, but I bet 2sb readers have some better ideas, let’s hear ’em!

Comment here, or email us. Send sketches, too if you’re the arty type!

Scootin’ For A Cure

July 9, 2008

Linda and Karen are riding 6000 miles across America to catch a Cure concert at the Meadowlands. No, wait, I read it wrong, it’s for cancer awareness! They have a blog too. You can donate here.

“A city built for cars”

June 30, 2008

An editorial from urban planning site Planetizen: “Scooting in a City Built for Cars.” )Thanks, Drew) I’m looking forward to some interesting comments on this one. I’ll start off negative by reiterating my cringing disdain for the word “Scooting,” but I’m sure many new scooterists are finding themselves in a similar situation.

Vespadition cut short

May 27, 2008

Vespa Thousand Oaks officially released this statement at midnight, saying they are putting an abrupt end to Peter Ramstine’s “Vespadition” campaign of which they were a primary sponsor, due to allegations of impropriety coming in from various sources, including this anonymous letter.

P.E.A.C.E update

May 22, 2008

Alix is in New Orleans and blogging strong. Definitely worth checking daily (update:RSS is working now, hooray!). Be sure to check out her weekly raffles.

P.E.A.C.E shirts

May 9, 2008

Alix B. is in Atlanta already, and she’s got some really cool t-shirts for sale via Scooterworks.

Gas Tax Scam

May 7, 2008

A funny site about the misguided and pandering “Gas Tax Holiday” idea proposed by Clinton and McCain. We’ve tried it here in Illinois and it doesn’t work.

Ryan rebuilds the “Spindle”

May 4, 2008

Berwyn, IL demolished their famous “Spindle” of cars late Friday night to make room for Chicagoland’s 100,000th Walgreen’s. Like most of us, Ryan and Alison were outraged, so they set about rebuilding it with scooters while the rest of us were on the Hell’s Fairies Spring Roll.

P.E.A.C.E. is go!

May 2, 2008

Alix B. left Scoot Richmond an hour ago, launching into her second P.E.A.C.E. scooter ride, circling the U.S.A. I totally dropped the ball on getting the word out about her raffle,, but we’ll be watching her blog and waiting for her in Chicago. Good luck, Alix, be safe!

MP3 ticketed for using MC spot

April 18, 2008

The Brighton and Hove City Council had to redefine “three wheeler” to allow the Piaggio MP3 to use motorcycle parking. As the current glut of proposed three-wheeled minicars and motorcycles hits the road, many other municipalities will likely have to follow suit.

HESC raises cash for a mom in need

April 14, 2008

Florida’s High Endurance Scooter Club rode from Orlando to St. Augistine to raise money for a single mom battling lupus. Nice work, guys!

Josh Rogers auction update

March 20, 2008

The very last 2SB/MT soccer jersey is being auctioned to benefit Josh Rogers. The auction closes tomorrow. Victor from Big People Scooters has driven bidding to a lofty $150 (all for Josh!), but if you can’t compete with that, there’s a lot more great stuff/a>

Seattle meeting video

March 18, 2008

Here’s the full two hours of video from the Seattle city scooter meeting. Thanks, Orin!

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