Do you Ikoo?

I found this on a British forum today, it seems like something you’d maybe keep in the trunk of your car for a dire emergency rather than the urban assualt vehicle they are hyping it up to be. Either way, it’s an interesting and fun looking little electric scooter: Do you Ikoo?

CMSI & PM Tuning Team up

PM Tuning Racing Products, Ltd. of Lancashire, U.K. and CMSI, Inc. of Preston, Washington, USA, announced they have signed a formal contract to bring PM Tuning’s renowned racing products to the Americas. CMSI will be the exclusive distributor for all of PM Tuning Racing Products in North, South and Central America. Good news for PM […]

More bike bubbles

After the scooterball posting, I have been exposed to another type of inflatable bike enclosure. This one, however, seems to be a lot more practical. It’s ideal for parking your pride and joy up over the cold months, where riding isn’t an option. You can find out more about them on their website

Protect your crotch

Here are some ways to keep your thighs dry in the coming months. (Yup, it’s a slow news day.) Metroscoot Lap Aprons by Corazzo. Scooter Skirts can be custom-made and custom-embroidered. Tucano Urbano’s Termoscud Aprons (pictured above, available from Wheelup’s slow-ass site or Ryan has a few for sale). Deiffe Aprons from ScooterworksUSA. The “City” […]

Alarm system for Vespa GT/GTS

Piaggio is selling an alarm system custom-made for the Vespa GT and GTS. It plugs directly into the wiring loom without soldering, though if you’re a GT or GTS owner, I just lost your attention at “wiring loom” and you already blackberried the boutique to come pick up your bike to have one installed.