My Burgman

Juventus and Italy football star Alessandro del Piero stars as “Mr. Burgman” in Suzuki’s rather nifty “My Burgman” site for the Italian market. We marvel at the lengths Suzuki will take (del Piero is arguably Italy’s biggest sports star) to make a dent in the Italian scooter market, compared to the complete lack of a […]


Proof that the Lambretta Luna is the next big thing for scooter collectors: Lunabase is a well-designed, up-to-date, comprehensive British site celebrating the underappreciated Lambretta Luna range–Lui, Vega, and Cometa–designed by Bertone in the seventies. The site features technical info, brochures, a mailing list, and even an owners club. You’ll be coveting a Luna in […]

TAG’s “What Scooter?”

TAG (formerly Twist and Go) magazine has a What Scooter? Database that appears to be carefully updated with all available UK-spec models. A great reference if you’re looking for a new scooter, but don’t get your hopes up if you live in the US, many aren’t available here. Thanks, Dave, for the link.

The Baron in Spring

Believe it or not, Gary Charpentier’s Baron 150SX ran like a top all winter. I think Gary was even a bit surprised, what with naming his blog “The Baron in Winter.” So he ran a contest to re-name the blog. I won’t spoil the results, you can read about the name change here.

Owners vs. Riders

Steve at Scooter in the Sticks posted a great observation yesterday about Scooter owners vs. Scooter Riders. I am definitely guilty of being an “owner,” and his use of photography as a metaphor hit home, as i’ve grown more interested in photography, I’ve grown to dislike “photographers,” instead favoring “people who take pictures.” If you’re […]

Vespaquest-Vespaway scooter blogs merge

Vespaquest and Vespaway, the two official Vespa blogs, announced today that they’ll join forces effective immediately. Crystal Waters, of Vespaquest, Girlbike, and Scooter Seat Covers fame, will join Neil Barton at Vespaway. Vespaquest’s Justene “Andrew Ridgley” Ademec and Vespaway’s Jonathan “John Oates” Ogilvy apparently lost interest in blogging and/or scooters. Best of luck to Neil […]