Cold Weather Challenge 2009-10

January 10, 2010


  1. Colin Doyle: -13°F, 17.7 mi, 01/09/10, Collegeville, Minnesota, Honda Ruckus
    “…#6 x 3/4″ self-tapping screws in the treads of both front and rear tires..”
  2. Alan Van Tol: 0°F, 17.05 mi, 01/14/10
    Bridgton, ME, Yamaha Vino 125
  3. Luigi G.: 2.5° F, 10.1 mi, 01/30/10
    Dover, MA, 1970 Vespa GTr
  4. Ryan Bastianelli: 5°F, 10.2 mi, 12/16/09
    Chicago, IL, Piaggio BV250
  5. Jen Stich: 7°F, 10.3 mi, 1/30/10
    Westerly, RI/Pawcatuck, CT, 1963 Vespa 150 VBB

More details from each rider in the comments!

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CWC heats up as temps drop

January 10, 2010

As temperatures drop and roads are cleared throughout the midwest, CWC entries are starting to flurry in. The current leader is 2009 runner-up Colin Doyle, who sits an impressive 17° below previous leader (and CWC organizer) Ryan Bastianelli.
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#18: Indoor winter scooter storage?

December 21, 2009

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz comes from From Phil T. from Chicago, IL:

I have a scooter that I plan to keep in storage for this winter. My plan is to keep it in the basement of our 9-unit building, but I want to be sure that I do everything necessary to both 1, avoid the scooter becoming a fire hazard and 2, ensure that the scooter operates well for the spring unveiling.
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Genuine ski-scooter

December 14, 2009

Video of a Rattler with a ski kit installed, on an actual mountain. Rumor has it one was on display at the sale over the weekend. CWC look out! Speaking of which, I’ll have the CWC entry page set up ASAP.

CWC underway!

November 16, 2009

Following last Saturday’s ride/party, the 2009-10 is officially underway. Complete rules and entry information are coming soon, but you can look at last year’s CWC page to get the idea. Which reminds me, I still have Bob Hedstom’s Malört, haven’t been up to Minnesota for ages!


November 13, 2009

A reminder: Join 2strokebuzz tomorrow (Saturday 11/14) for the Cold Weather Challenge Kick-off. The ride (map) leaves from the Kat Klub at 5pm, we’ll stop for burgers and ice cream, and return to Kat Klub for Berryoke at 8pm.

More Calvin Photos/CWC Berryoke kickoff

November 6, 2009

Heather Parker came over last night to shoot some photos of Pudge. She’s so good.

Actual scooter content is resuming soon, promise! If you didn’t notice the ad on the site, we’re kicking off the Cold Weather Challenge next Saturday (11/14) with a ride and Berryoke party at the Kat Klub, be there!

Fall/Winter scootering

October 14, 2009

A scuffed-up Primavera too late (grrr leaves), here are some Fall and Winter riding tips via Scooterism via Scooterdiva, who also offers some good winterizing tips.

2SB/CWC Spring Party, Sat, April 11!

March 16, 2009

Hi everybody! Here are the details on the Galewood/Cold Weather Challenge ride and Karaoke party this Saturday (4-11)

Dinner at 5pm
Russell’s BBQ
1621 N Thatcher Ave Elmwood Park, IL 60607

I’ll be honest with you here, this is not the BBQ that made Galewood famous, but it’s a neat, old-school place with plenty of space for us, and if you forget about real BBQ, it’s pretty good in the way that Taco Bell is good if you forget about real Mexican food. And they have fried Macaroni and Cheese wedges.

Ride leaves 6:30pm sharp

We’ll do a quick ride (about 15 miles total) and see all the wonders of the greater Galewood area:

The Des Plaines River (Will it flood!?)
Forest preserves (“Balls Deep!”)
Elmwood Park’ (“Italinate” architecture!)
River Grove! (Home of Triton College!)
Kiddieland (and the “Scooters” sign!)
Maywood Park (Harness Racing!)
More Forest Preserves (Nature!-ish!)
Forest Park (Irish Pubs & Yarn stores!)
Oak Park (The Evanston of the West!)
Lake Street (The Gap! Starbucks!)
Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio
A bunch of Hemingway shit

Bonus! An 80-car-long freight train *will* hold up the ride at some point.

Then it’s on to Galewood for a lap around the best neighborhood in Chicago, ending at

The Kat Klub

6920 W. North Avenue
at 8:00
Jason and Mary emcee the best Karaoke around, with a great variety of songs.
We’re talking New Wave, Punk, Mod, British Invasion, and even some indie rock, plus all the usual karaoke cheese.
No cover! Cheap drinks! Friends! Fun! Malört! Peeptinis!

Then! a late-night ride (four blocks) to River Forest Grill for the “AK-47.”

Then! Ride! Straight to your place of worship and sleep next to your scooter in the parking lot, because it’s EASTER!

Ride Map:

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2008-09 Cold Weather Challenge Winners

March 2, 2009

The Cold Weather Challenge has ended for another year, even though it’s 18°F and snowing here in Chicago right now and Spring is nowhere in sight. Congratulations to the winners: First prize goes to Bob “Scootervillan” Hedstrom who rode over 10 miles on a 2007 Vectrix at -16°F in Minneapolis, MN on January 15. Bob’s our first winner on an electric scooter, and he’ll keep the title in Minnesota for yet another year. Runner-ups are Tom S. in Omaha (-11°, Yamaha Zuma 50 ) and Colin Doyle in Collegeville, MN (-10°F, Honda Ruckus 50).
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Ice Capades

March 1, 2009


It all started with an email from Ryan: “So the doctor from the Love Boat was on the radio this morning…” Somehow that same paragraph ended with “so who wants to go to the ice racing finals in the suburbs tonight?” I couldn’t think of a better way to end the Cold Weather Challenge.
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CWC extension: ends midnight SUNDAY

February 28, 2009

Today’s the last day of the Cold Weather Challenge, and it’s getting pretty damn cold in some parts. Tell you what, you’ve got an extension, until midnight Sunday, to beat Scootervillan and his Vectrix. Also, ALL state-by-state leaders get a consolation prize, so if you’re in a state with no entries, a 10-mile ride this weekend nets you a sticker. Do it!

A winnah…

February 10, 2009

Polinarchy (Poliana from Philadephia) is the winner of our “When will the Razz fall over?” contest. She guessed Friday, and both Ryan and I were out of town, so we’re not exactly sure when it fell, but we figure it was probably sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. After more than a month with snow on the ground, it all magically disappeared in two days. Poliana wins a $10 gift certificate from our sister site

I’m still standing

February 5, 2009

Scrambler17 asks “We had a bit of a warm spell over the weekend. Is the Razz still hanging in there?” It sure is. I went over last night and took this photo. I would have never believed on January 9 that the same snow would still be covering the floorboards of Ryan’s Razz, with a few new layers on top of it, all frozen as hard as a rock. But there it is. This weekend is supposed to be rainy and above freezing, but I bet that just adds a thick ice bridge that holds it up for another couple weeks. This winter will never end.

Out of respect for the pessimists that guessed (a month ago) that it’d fall over this week, we’re only accepting new bets for dates after Valentines’ Day.

Motorcycle Show $2 discount

January 25, 2009

If you’re headed to one of the remaining 2009 Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows, use the code SCOOT! for $2 off each ticket.
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