CWC Update, and another quick contest

Entries in the Cold Weather Challenge have been slow thanks to schloads of snow in the northern U.S., but don’t forget runners-up will be recognized by state, so wherever you live, you have a chance at everlasting glory. One notable recent entry is Clayton from South Korea, who holds third place after a fried-chicken-inspired ride […]

CWC starts today!

The Ryetronics 2strokebuzz Cold Weather Challenge is underway! Enter early and get your name up on the winner board before the damned Minnesotans run away with it again. Right now, the only place it’s under 10°F is Yellowstone Park, so if you’re near there, you’ve got a lock.


Tonight I planned to post the Cold Weather Challenge sign-up page and unveil some new stuff for sale at Scootmoto. Tonight I ended up botching a WordPress upgrade, then locked myself out of the 2SB admin page, completely destroyed the site, and took three hours to fix it. I think it’s almost back to normal […]

Cold Weather Challenge 08-09 kickoff ride

Ryetronics’ Cold Weather Challenge kicks off with a ride leaving the Kat Klub at noon on Sunday, November 16, 2008. Rules and more info will come soon when Ryan gets back from his mud bath in China. Here are three galleries of CWC rides of years past: 2003 (Chad’s photos), 2004 (Chad’s photos), and […]

Corazzo “Under-Hoody”

With colder weather on the way, Eazy wrote up a good review of the Corazzo Under-Hoody. On paper, it just sounds like an overpriced sweatshirt, but it’s a very good idea and very well-implemented, and Eazy does it justice. I know I’ve been promising a review of the Corazzo Shop Jacket for months now, and […]

Return of the Cold Weather Challenge

Ryetronics got hitched last week and abandoned the Cold Weather Challenge, so a couple other schlubs are taking it over. They promise some big rules changes and high-tech improvements, but while we wait for that, they’ve organized a CWC kickoff ride this Sunday, November 11, 2007. Meet at The Bagel (3107 N Broadway, Chicago) for […]