Motogiro d’California

Motogiro d’Italia is a motorcycle touring rally made famous in the 1950s and revived in 2001.  The event, showcasing classic Italian machines, is venturing outside Italy for the first, of what I would imagine will be annual, Motogiro America. The oil leaking event will be held in and around Monterey, CA preceding the Red Bull […]

Girlbike supports P.E.A.C.E.

Crystal at Girlbike/ScooterSeatCovers, who just finished a big charity ride herself, is offering a limited-edition peace-sign seat cover to help raise money for Alix Bryan’s cross-up-down-and-around-country P.E.A.C.E Scooter Ride. And Steve from the Scooter Scoop just bought a 2sb jersey. I feel like I should be giving more back to the scooter community, or at […]

Scootstars on TV

Looks like the Scootstars got on TV in Milwaukee. They haven’t updated the blog for a few days, but it sounds like they’re still stuck in Chicagoland (Milwaukee is in Chicagoland, BTW).

20,000 miles @ 50cc

Another great link from Crystal Waters’ Girlbike: “In 2003, Rupert Wilson-Young rode from Alaska to Ushuaia in South America — that’s over 20,000 miles — on his 50cc Yamaha Vino.” Speaking of Crystal, it looks like Vespaquest and Vespaway are — thankfully — back online.

Tuk Talk in London

Jo and Ants of Tuk to the Road fame will appear Tuesday (December 12, 2006) at the Royal Geographical Society in London at 7:30pm to talk about their travels and show a short film. The pair traveled 12, 500 miles across Asia and Europe this summer, raising nearly £33,000 to date for Mind, and are […]

Cold Weather Challenge 2007

Ryetronic’s Cold Weather Challenge is back! The full rules are here, but to summarize, it’s a contest for scooters (no motorcycles, sidecars, or three-wheelers) to determine who can ride 10 miles or more (distance is used only as a tiebreaker) in the coldest weather before February 28, 2007. Last years’ winner was Kent Messer of […]


Reader Bill Meek responded to our “Burgmania spreads” story: It’s great that a 2-stroke site has information and links about the Suzuki Burgman. Here’s an interesting newspaper article about a Burgman rider (me) and his unusual passenger that I thought you might find amusing. We certainly did. Bill and his dog Sandy have covered over 10,000 […]