“Vespa Girl” from Paper Replika

January 13, 2009

If you liked our 2SB Articulated Toy and/or the postcard Vespa model that Scooterworks sells, this paper model of a a Vespa 150 and a girl to ride it will blow your mind. And the best part is that they’re free downloads. Truly, truly awesome.

Andretti test 1: 2sb crashes the Andretti

November 30, 2008

I’ve mentioned a few times that PowerSportsFactory has given us a Benelli/Andretti 150XT for a long-term test. I also bought a used Blur around the same time to replace the one stolen at the MotoGP race in Indianapolis, and thanks to a few minor snafus in both transactions, a busy schedule, and a little bad luck, I finally obtained plates and titles for both bikes yesterday. Yesterday it was 46°F and sunny, probably the last decent riding day we’ll see until Spring in Chicago, so it would have made sense to pick up the Andretti that’s been blocking a hallway inside my office for weeks now. But what fun is that? I decided to ride it home in the 34° sleet today instead.
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Scooterween en Galicia

November 6, 2008

A bit late, but here’s a great collection of Halloween-related scooter images from Spanish site Vespa & Lambretta Culleredo, the only scooter site we know of with a Galician version.

“Scooter Art” Flickr pool

October 24, 2008

A must-see Vintage Scooter Art & Graphics set on Flickr. Quite a collection! (Thanks, Bob!)

Race a Blur!

August 12, 2008

The PGO G-Max game. I can’t figure out the controls, and it doesn’t work in my Safari browser, but if you can figure it out, you can live the 2sb life and feel the excitement of riding the PGO G-Max aka Genuine Blur.

Astro Boy scooter toy

August 10, 2008

Astro Boy Scooter Toy $2,650 for this Astro Boy Scooter friction toy on eBay with 2 days left. Sure, you could buy a real scooter for that, but it wouldn’t be cooler than this toy. Seller says he sold one in worse condition for $10,000… ten years ago.

UPDATE: Bidding closed at $3,600, with reserve not met. Crazy. Also, in the comments, POCphil has offered up his Fuji Rabbit to be painted with the same graphics.

Pretty Fly for a college guy

August 7, 2008

Piaggio USA is targeting college-bound students with the Piaggio Fly, a $50 gas card and a free topbox. When I went to college, a burrito was a luxury item.

Recycling scooter tires

July 15, 2008

A london home design company is selling seats made from recycled scooter tires. They’re neat, but I bet 2sb readers have some better ideas, let’s hear ’em!

Comment here, or email us. Send sketches, too if you’re the arty type!

Happy 4th from 2strokebuzz

July 4, 2008

Sharp Teeth! Video! Explosions!

Huuuugs! Achewood Vespa for sale!

May 5, 2008

OMG OMG OMG! I heart Achewood. I heart scooters. I’ve been lusting after this Vespa Rally that Chris Onstad painted for years. Now, that very scooter is for sale in the classifieds, and it’s going to pretty much take everything I’ve got to not call the dude. Thanks a lot, Matt.

A personal note to dude selling the bike: Please send me more photos, and then tell me it’s already been sold so I can stop thinking about it. Then post it on eBay Platinum Reserve where it belongs.

Vermont and Canadia were brought in for questioning

April 10, 2008

From the Brown Daily Herald (Providence, RI)’s Campus News’ police blotter:

1:59 p.m. A student reported that sometime between 11 p.m. on March 14 and 9 a.m. on March 16, someone poured maple syrup all over her motor scooter in Lot 77 at Brook and Benevolent Streets.

2nd Octannual 2SB Coloring Contest!

April 8, 2008

It’s been eight years since our last coloring contest, and the wounds have healed, let’s try it again. As you may have heard, MotoGP’s coming to Indianapolis Motor Speedway this summer, so we’re co-opting THEIR contest to show those cheese-eating, terrorist-loving Europeans what a MotoGP bike should look like.

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The Ultimate Scooter Alarm

March 25, 2008

Oh, man, I need this for the Blur.

Return of the 2SB Action Toy

February 19, 2008

A repost from the old days: the 2strokebuzz Action Toy. (Click on image for print-friendly .pdf file)
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Lil 32!

January 19, 2008

Big congrats to Chris “32” Davis and Sara Lachenman, Sullivan James Davis was born at 7:30am Friday, January 18, just in time for Raleigh/Durham’s FYBO rally. Good timing. “No number yet,” says 32, “We figure Curley can can give him a number later on.”

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