Packers Vespa

Green Bay Packers Vespa 90 smallframe on eBay. The murals are a little cheesy, but I love the faceguard on the fender, the stripes, and especially the seats. (Via Dave on the CHIscooterList.) In related news, I ate 573 Scotch Eggs at the Bears game yesterday.

Merciless Tigers

Back row (l-r) “Number Two,” Jim, Jeff, Pat and Steve M. Front row (l-r): Bruce, Steve H, Andrew, Tim and Chris At last, meet your amateur rec-league soccer team, The Merciless Tigers FC of Cincinnati, OH, pictured above in their “indoor” configuration. Snafus with two outdoor leagues have left them stuck indoors for the time […]

Merciless Tigers 2sb jersey preorder

2strokebuzz is proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2007-08 Merciless Tigers Football Club. The Tigers are the 2strokebuzz of Cincinnati rec-league soccer; they’re getting kinda old and they play a little sloppy, but they’re proud, entertaining and fun to drink with. We’ll feature Tigers news, profiles, match reports, and maybe come up with a […]

Zidane, McBride, Larsson reject Fire offers

Eager to mimic the Galaxy’s Beckham coup, the Chicago Fire have been turned down by two aging European superstars and the pride of Arlington Heights, IL. The team vowed to instead find a highly-rated hispanic or polish player to appeal to their core fans. The only thing more embarassing than signing Zidane is being rejected […]

Horse Power with HASC

Heck’s Angels Scooter Club (Warning: MySpace page) has organized a ride next weekend to Arlington Park for some horse racing (and presumably betting). The ride is Saturday, August 5th, and leaves Dunlay’s in Logan Square at 10:30am. The first race is at 1:00pm. (Note: The ride to Pierogifest in Whiting, IN scheduled for this weekend […]