M1 takes 2sb Cup

M1 1:1 Spiny Norman a.e.t. 5:3 PSO I haven’t really felt like talking about it until now, but So1oSC founder, and non-soccer fan Mike Durso (aka “M1”) won the 2strokebuzz Cup. (Here’s Mike and his Italian flag smallframe Vespa). At least some good came of it: Lu$ sent a game allowing us to relive the […]

2SB Cup: The Final!

M1 (ITA) 2:0 Brooke (GER) vs. Spiny Norman (FRA) 1:0 Kilotravis (POR) M1, who doesn’t even “get” soccer, finds himself in the finals after beating Brooke’s favored World Cup hosts in the semis. Surely this is not the same Italy team who drew against the USA. Spiny Norman’s Bleus won a beautiful, evenly-matched game against […]

2sb Cup matchups

The first two 2sb Cup matchups are set: Brooke (GER) vs. Kathy The Great (SWE) on June 24 Cy (ENG) vs. Nancy (ECU) on June 25 Both should be interesting as the boys are both kinda wussy and the girls are both pretty tough. Note that Nancy is the only entrant with the same name […]

Ben Roethlisberger: Too cool for a helmet

This screenshot from ESPN is funny, but riding without a helmet is not. Especially if you have a multimillion-dollar sports contract that prohibits riding a motorcycle, and your coach has already bawled you out for riding without a helmet. I’m sure once he heals, the Bears will pick him up, Kordell-style, and pay him a […]

Let’s go, Kymco!

Forget the World Cup, this year’s premier sporting spectacle is the Emcor Inter-Color Golf Classic. Support the Kymco team as they face off (do golfers face off?) against teams from Samsung, Panasonic, Kawasaki, Philips, and five other corporations in the four-leg event that ends May 28. 2strokebuzz is your home for the top Filipino corporate […]

Don’t tread on Nike

I have a love/hate relationship with Nike. On one hand, they’re a huge, indie-culture-stealing empire that pays chinese infants one cent a week to make $80 soccer jerseys that don’t fit me. On the other hand, they made the coolest hoodie ever and they’ve somehow turned self-centered pompous miscreant Eric Cantona into the Wayne Coyne […]

2sb drops the (soccer) ball

For those two or three of you that come to 2strokebuzz for soccer coverage, I apologize, I’ve totally lost track of soccer in the last couple weeks. Yesterday, Matt, of all people, informed me that the US national team, with the World Cup a mere seven weeks away, was ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings, […]