How big is the “Scooter Boom”?

An article from San Diego CityBEAT stood out from the other thousand “Scooters are booming” stories this week. Despite mentioning Audrey Hepburn (DRINK!), author Kelly Davis talked to multiple dealers, riders, and industry sources, and her research (unheard-of in scooter coverage in the media) gives some interesting hard facts we’d never seen elsewhere: “The average […]

Piaggio museum:
“the great plan of a great architect”

At the recent Vespa 60th Anniversary celebration, Piaggio president Roberto Colaninno and Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas unveiled a model for an exciting new Piaggio Museum. Colaninno called the new museum “the great plan of a great architect,” a 60th-anniversary “gift” for the Vespa. Fuksas is famous for his painterly approach to architecture and his skill […]

Girlbike ET mods

Girlbike, the Readymade magazine of scooter blogs, added tutorials about lowering the seat profile and Installing a European-style dual headlight on a Vespa ET2 or ET4. The headlight photo on the latter story joins our old navigation and Minnescoota’s turn signal in the pantheon of gratuitous-but-awesome scooter website animations.

60th Anniversary Vespa models: Surprise announcement

Piaggio surprised the world today by announcing three new Vespa production models based on the 60th anniversary custom scooters they displayed at the Milan show. The “Vespa GT60” is based on the GTS, but remodeled to emulate the original “Vespa 98” model from 1946. The Vespa GTV and Vespa LXV are retro-styled versions of the […]

Kama Scooter

For those of you that think that slow-to-load two-second-long Flash clips featuring two satin-clad chicks dry-humping each other on a Vespa LX would be hot, it’s your lucky day: The Kama Scooter. If they were trying to out-weird Bajaj advertising, they’ve done it. I feel stupid, and kind of dirty, for even posting this. Someone […]

What you missed if you’re not a hopeless loser that stalks scooters on the internet

The Vespa turned 60 this week. If you missed the news on 2strokebuzz, or here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here, I’ll summarize it for you: Audrey Hepburn Jennifer Lopez symbol Italy espresso economical style wasp 1946 Vroooooom Can of Corn. So this is just a reminder that we filter through the PR […]

FIV replacement announcement soon?

It appears that Piaggio may soon announce a new international Vespa Club sanctioning body to replace the FIV (Federazione Internazionale dei Vespa Clubs), which they mysteriously dissolved in December. The new body is rumored to be called “Vespa World Club” and is likely to be directed by popular Vespa Club Italy president Roberto Leardi. Unfortunately, […]

60 already?

It seems like Vespa’s 50th anniversary was just last month! Can you believe the ET-series is already ten years old? Coverage of the Italian festivities, with all the usual cliches, ran today on Times Online: “Cool at any age: The Vespa hits 60” Note: That’s 60 years old, not 60 mph.

Return of the 5-speed Vespa transmission

The newest Scooterworks mailer offers a 5-Speed Transmission Upgrade for the Vespa P-series and late-70s largeframes. I remember talk of a five-speed kit that was available in the early nineties, but I haven’t seen one for sale in the last ten years. It’s not my bag to tamper with Piaggio’s genius, but if you’re the […]

Piaggio Hybrids: Vespa LX50 HyS and Piaggio X8 HyS

Our report yesterday of “two prototypes” of Piaggio hybrids should have read “Prototypes of two hybrid models:” the Vespa LX50 HyS and PiaggioX8 125 HyS: Vespa LX50 HyS photos Piaggio X8 125 HyS photos VESPA LX50 HyS X8 125 4-stroke HyS Combustion EngineSingle cylinder Piaggio Hi-Per 50cc, 4 stroke, 2 valve Combustion EngineSingle cylinder Piaggio […]