Reckless Hearts on tour

Just realized local faves the Reckless Hearts are on tour, if you’re in Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Virginia Beach, DC, or Brooklyn, check ’em out, and tell Ian we said hi. Debut album, “Get Up And Run” on Off The Hip records is out now!

The Vespa Experiment

Vespanomics is in motion for the Vespa Experiment, in which three singer-songwriters are in the midst of a Vespa tour of California nightclubs and coffee bars. A solid idea, everyone loves acoustic folk peppered with pseudo-environmental PiaggioUSA talking points, until you hear raging bullshit like (take it away, Paolo!): “If the 69% of Americans who […]

Melody Maker’s Mod revival revival revival.

Ah, 1994. Back then I was going out to see bands three nights a week and spending $50 at the record store every night. I didn’t have a scooter yet, but I noticed the mod revival revival revival going on in Engerland and that (among other things) probably had some effect on my scanning the […]

Chuck Mead’s scooterrific new video (is back!)

This might be the most scooterific video ever, and would you believe it’s a country song? Check out the new video from BR-549 frontman Chuck Mead: “I Wish It Was Friday,” featuring a Honda Cub, Vespas new and old, Genuine Buddys*, and more, plus lots of footage from East Side Scooters in Nashville. As far […]

Berryoke benefit tonight

Chicago’s best Karaoke, Berryoke, is doing a benefit tonight at Frank and Mary’s for Patrick O’Dea’s nephew who was seriously injured in a auto/bicycle incident. If you’ve always loved karaoke but hated the music selection, check it out, the Berrys have everything good. Sorry for the late notice, I always put off posting local events […]

Black Lungrophenia

Poor Black Lungs guy. First zombies, now this. If Quadrophenia filtered the ’60s through the ’70s, this video filters the ’60s through the ’70s through the ’80s through the ’90s on a Canadian indie-label budget. Can you believe there are people so young they think of Rancid as “old-school?” Nice (though repetitive) footage, though, and […]


Tonight I planned to post the Cold Weather Challenge sign-up page and unveil some new stuff for sale at Scootmoto. Tonight I ended up botching a WordPress upgrade, then locked myself out of the 2SB admin page, completely destroyed the site, and took three hours to fix it. I think it’s almost back to normal […]