Revealed: Excerpt from Quadrophenia the Musical

Jimmy:What the bloody hell you doin’? Postman:We could’ve killed you! Jimmy: (Singing) Ah, fuckin’ heellllll! Look what you’ve doooone! You cuuuunts! Postman: (chanting) Why didn’t you stop? Why didn’t you stop! Jimmy: (Singing) You’ve killed me scooter! Look what you’ve doooone! Fuck off! Leave it alone! Get off it! Why don’t you kiiiiilll me? All […]

Waxon7 Headlines Double Door Thursday

As any longtime 2strokebuzz reader can tell you, Waxon7 is pretty much the house band of Chicago scooter parties. Abe (the “singer”) leaves his desk at Scooterworks every night to become the Patrick Bateman of Rock and Roll, stripping it down like a Lincoln Park Trixie layered-up in JCrew for a Chicago winter. Guitarist Vee […]

What Rocks Us: Stereolab

Stereolab: “Super-Electric” from the Black Sessions (French radio?) Alfredo and I went to see Stereolab last week (thanks Alf!), and while the show was really really great, it was the first time I’d seen them without guitarist/backing vocalist Mary Hansen, who was killed in a bicycle accident in London in 2002. The band bravely and […]

What Rocks Us: Edith Frost

Edith Frost: “If it Weren’t for the Words” from It’s a Game Drag City DC301 We start out with Chicago-by-way-of-Austin-and-NYC singer/songwriter Edith Frost. This song has been a WLUW staple for the last couple months, and the whole album is a mellow Sunday-morning classic must-have. I could name drop all the albums she’s appeared on, […]

The Vespas

Surely with bands out there called “The Scooters,” “Scooter,” (two!) “Lambretta,” and “The Lambrettas,” you just knew there’s a band called The Vespas. And you’d be right, you can find them in Detroit. They claim to sound like the Pixies/Breeders/Cure, but i think they’re a bit more grungy/punky than that, more like Screaming Trees (and […]

Lambretta, the band

Not to be confused with The Lambrettas, Swedish band Lambretta have been tearing up the charts in northern Europe lately. I’m boycotting RealPlayer, so let me know how bad they are. I’m guessing they’re in the Republika mold. Thanks again Lu$, who says, “I can’t wait to ride the new Lambretta.”

Mega Super Ultra

Chicago’s favorite mod band, Mega Super Ultra, released their second album Back to Take Another Bow this week on JumpUp Records. 2strokeBuzz talked to bassist Mike Stirk about the “mod” label, getting older, and that naked guy at Slaughterhouse VI.