Punks in Parkas

Punks in Parkas, another site with a lot of great vintage photos of (mostly) british scooters and scooterists. The navigation and frames are wonky for me but it’s definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the link, Nitro.


1247 We got back from Paris yesterday, here are our photos of Paris in general (or just check out the scooter-related photos) Things I noticed: Scooters and motorcycles are everywhere, even as the temperature hovered around the freezing point. (Lap aprons are very common on motorcycles and scooters.) Basically, the whole town sounds like you’re […]

Scooter Ball!

This fine example of a scooterball was pointed out to us by POC Phil. It looks like great fun, until you wonder where the exhaust fumes go…

“The only web-based scooterist-only photo album”?

Scoot.net might have something to say about that claim, but this Irish dude’s photo site contains some fantastic, funny, and frightening scooter photos dating back nearly 25 years. I’ll leave it up to you to choose your favorites and post them in the comments. Also: prepare yourself for the shaking browser window trick. Thanks, Nitro!