Econo in Windsor

Rover Eric sent us this clipping from Windsor, OT’s “WAMM” magazine, featuring an interview with his clubmate Otto Buj. There’s a lot of stretching of the truth involved in a lot of the ecology, economy, and style arguments out there, but Otto insists that if economy is your chief goal, nothing beats a cheapo fourth-hand […]

Media frenzy via Girlbike

Crystal at Girlbike compiled a couple hundred recent boilerplate “save gas” scooter news stories. Thanks, Crys! That’s an alcohol-induced-coma-worth of Roman Holiday references and 100mpg promises, right there.

Cackalacka News bits: 4/3/08

A bunch of stories to block out election coverage: AutoWeek reviews the Vectrix, which will replace gas-powered bikes at the Boston Marathon, which seems like a long-overdue idea. A florida girl was trapped under her scooter for three hours. British scooterists strut their stuff in Hastings, North Wales, North Allerton, and Rotherham. A Miami scooter […]

100mpg 115mpg at Scooterville?

From WCCO in Minneapolis: Bob Hedstrom’s Minneapolis store Scooterville is struggling to keep up with demand as customers brag to their friends about their gas mileage. The scooters, whose prices start at $1,800, get 100 miles to the gallon. Bob Hedstrom is probably our second- or third-favorite scooter shop owner in the United States, and, […]