Bajaj announces LPG/CNG-powered scooters, fights Chinese imitators

On the heels of the hybrid Vespa prank comes news regarding a real “green” scooter: Bajaj Auto announced today plans are underway to bring a liquid-propane/compressed-natural-gas-powered scooter to the market next year. Bajaj rival Kinetic plans to release two electric scooter models in 2007 (presumably after they get those Dragster 180s on line). Bajaj might look for design inspiration from China’s Chongqing Union Auto Co., who are already selling Bajaj-branded CNG-powered three-wheelers, without permission. Bajaj has promised to challenge Gaongqing, but trademark infringement justice is hard to come by in China.

Schwinn Motor Scooters

While we’d like to thank Schwinn Motor Scooters for linking to 2strokebuzz, we’d also like to make it clear that 2strokebuzz in no way endorses Schwinn motorscooters. I don’t think i’ve ever mentioned them before, simply because they appear to be Chinese Yamaha knockoffs with a big Schwinn sticker on the front. Maybe they’re allright, try it out and let us know what you think, but in the meantime, we’d spend the extra few hundred bucks for a real Yamaha Vino. (UPDATE: 4-18-06: It turns out there’s much more to the story.)

Genuine Black Cat

At the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis last weekend, Genuine Scooter Co. (of Stella fame) unveiled their Black Cat scooter, and some other surprises. Not much technical info there, but it’s eyecatching, i’m guessing PJ had something to do with that and hopefully he’ll chime in with some backstory. We’re also hoping to repost Phil Waters’ (of POC Scooters) recap of the DealerExpo later today, if he gives us permission.