Vespa PR

Ever wonder why just about every news story about scooters follows the same formula and focuses on the Vespa rather than other scooters? CooperKatz is doing their job well. (Is that the Adobe Acrobat guy moonlighting in the background of that page?) They’re the people that coordinate Vespa’s events, shop openings, and media relations, including […]

Kama Scooter

For those of you that think that slow-to-load two-second-long Flash clips featuring two satin-clad chicks dry-humping each other on a Vespa LX would be hot, it’s your lucky day: The Kama Scooter. If they were trying to out-weird Bajaj advertising, they’ve done it. I feel stupid, and kind of dirty, for even posting this. Someone […]

“Mini Skini” throws Canadians for a loop

Speaking of scooter pranks, another April Fools’ joke slipped past us while we were at the WKRP rally: Mini of Canada announced the “Mini Skini,” (more images)a scooter version of the BMW Mini. Many Canadian news agencies and Mini fans were fooled, despite the “dual airbags” and “all-wheel-drive.” A full-size mockup was created and photographed, […]