Senegal beats France!

f0-sn.gif f0-fr.gifWorld Cup 2002 is off to a fantastic start with Senegal’ 1-nil upset of titleholder France. Despite the fact that 1/3 of Arsenal plays for France, I couldn’t be happier. In your face, Le Beouf and Barthez! My sleeping habits are going to be insane for the next few weeks, so if i seem a little testy, I hope you’ll understand.

Bajaj up, scooters down

Strange things are afoot in the Indian two-wheel market. Bajaj Auto’s long-held worldwide “#1 two-wheeler production” spot was taken earlier this year by Hero Honda, an Indian-Japanese joint venture. Bajaj is still #1 for scooter production, and reporting record earnings, but their scooter sales are losing share to the 900.000 Kawasaki-tech minibikes and motorcycles they plan to produce this year. Get the full story from BBC News. (Thanks to Akyana for the link)

Back from Niagara

evil kim Well, we’re almost clean, warm, and dry. I’ll post a full recap soon, but for now, here are a buncha Niagara Rally Pictures on There are so many pictures from so many people, you can relive the whole weekend, Memento-style. Whether that’s good or bad is your call. Sorry, no “glass” pictures from my camera, but Phil posted a few “arty” ones. Thanks to Ian and Rob, Michelle, all the ToSSers, sponsors, and friends, and to Phil for putting us up for the night.


Another tip from James in NYC: “I cannot look, yet I cannot turn away. I am somehow drawn to the pure, unalloyed malevolence of this object. I feel it is trying to broadcast evil messages to me from afar, like that crazy obelisk in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey. (Did I mention that there are two of themothe scooters, not the obelisks?)”

Malaguti does something kinda neat

Chris Esposito of Malaguti USA: “Unlike the other European brands introduced in to the U.S. market, Malaguti remains true to the Mod heritage of the scooter.” By making this? Ok, it’s quite cool looking, but someone needs to bone up on their scooter history, Mods didn’t invent scooters, they just turned them into a fashion accessory for spoilt teenagers. Oh, wait, maybe he is right.