SIL to be Sold,
Lambretta Future Unclear as Ever

The Indian government is looking to sell their majority share of Scooters India Limited, who manufactured Lambrettas until 1998, and currently manufacture the Vikram three-wheeler. Mahindra and Mahindra and Tata Motors have both expressed interest and at least one story suggests that on top of a promised $30 million relaunch of Vespa production in India, … Continue reading “SIL to be Sold,
Lambretta Future Unclear as Ever”

2SB helicopter news

78 years ago today, the first Italian helicopter, looking like a sketch from DaVinci’s notebook, broke the last of three current helicopter flight records. How does that relate to us? That primitive chopper was designed by Corradino D’Ascanio, who joined Piaggio two years later, and went on to design the world’s most famous and innovative … Continue reading “2SB helicopter news”

Renault/Nissan/Bajaj announce automobile deal

After months of speculation and discussion, Renault and Nissan have agreed to an automotive joint venture with Bajaj Auto to compete with Tata Motors’ budget Nano model. reports: “Sales are scheduled to start in early 2011 in India, Nissan said. The joint venture will be 50 percent owned by Bajaj, 25 percent by Renault … Continue reading “Renault/Nissan/Bajaj announce automobile deal”

Bajaj in auto talks with Renault

Bajaj, while catching up with the Indian scooter market they abandoned a couple years ago, is now looking to catch a piece of the growing super-cheap automobile market. Forbes reports Bajaj is looking to form a joint-venture with Renault to produce an automobile to compete with Tata‘s highly-anticipated US$2,500 car.

Yamaha UK offers free insurance with two scooter models

Yamaha Motor UK is offering free liability insurance on its Aerox 50 and Cygnus-X 125 scooters. The insurance covers up to three family members and comprehensive insurance is available for a very reasonable upgrade fee. The scooters also include 1 year of RAC coverage (the UK’s AAA equivalent) and Datatag anti-theft markings installed.