200cc LML Star at Italian dealers in July

Motoblog reports Italian dealers will get the 4-stroke 200cc LML Star in July. Three versions and 20 colors are in the works. Anyone disappointed, as we were, by the discontinuation of the 2-stroke Genuine Stella 150 model will surely concede that it was the right decision if it means a 200cc manual-transmission metal-bodied classic scooter … Continue reading “200cc LML Star at Italian dealers in July”

LML ready to counter Vespa threat

Can Vespa shut down LML in Europe with their new PX retread? We’re betting it won’t be easy. The LML was on the market first, and even their top-of-the-line 4-stroke model is quite a bit cheaper than the Vespa model it apes (no pun intended). On top of that, Italy and PGO are offering subsidies … Continue reading “LML ready to counter Vespa threat”

Vespa: originally a 4-stroke?

Speaking of the new LML 4-stroke “Vespa,” Bradford Duval from Corazzo points out that Corradino D’Ascanio’s first prototype powerplant for the original Vespa was actually a 2-valve 4-stroke engine. Fascinating, and how much different would Vespa’s history have been if Enrico Piaggio hadn’t demanded he return to the drawing board to make a simpler and … Continue reading “Vespa: originally a 4-stroke?”

LML launches 4T “Stella” in India

LML has apparently launched their 4-stroke “NV” (known to us as the Genuine Stella) in the Indian markets of Delhi and Ghaziabad. This Indian-market version surely varies to some degree from the DOT/EPA/CARB-approved version scheduled to come to the U.S. in early 2010, it’s good to read more about it. Sadly, this story seems to … Continue reading “LML launches 4T “Stella” in India”

New LMLs: The Scootering story

Most of this thread is proof that Modern Vespa has eclipsed the stupidity of the BBS, but it includes scans of Scootering’s story about LML’s 4-stroke geared scooters, presumably someday to be known as the “Stella 250.” Great info there, and nice to see Scootering’stypesetting hasn’t improved in the several years since I’ve bought an … Continue reading “New LMLs: The Scootering story”

LML: 4T PX, ET clones available soon?

The March 2008 issue of Scootering confirms earlier reports that LML (the Indian manufacturer of the Genuine Stella) is ready to start production of 4-stroke geared Vespa-PX scooters. The story, written by an owner of UK LML importers Eddy Bullet, reports that 125, 150, and 250(!)cc versions are in the works. On a recent trip … Continue reading “LML: 4T PX, ET clones available soon?”

Pinasco Gears Up For New Stella

Pinasco sent out an email announcement last week describing their new exhaust for the 4-stroke LML Star (AKA, the Genuine Stella 4-stroke. It is described as made from special INOX steel. That must make it fast. The dyno charts included in the email showed an increase in power from about 7.5 to 8 HP, but … Continue reading “Pinasco Gears Up For New Stella”

More Four Stroke Vespa PX Rumblings

SIP Scooter Shop reports that they have a reliable source confirming that Vespa will be showing off their new 4-stroke powered PX series scooter at the upcoming EICMA show in Milan this Fall. The Genuine Scooter Company LML-made Stella 4-Stroke has recently made it to dealers around the country. But will the new PX come … Continue reading “More Four Stroke Vespa PX Rumblings”

Dealers get a Stella 4T Update

Genuine dealers finally got an official update today on the status of the 4-stroke Stella. In short, the first batch was not manufactured to the specifications approved for import. Genuine explains that the fault lays with the manufacturer (LML) and that the variation was “easily corrected,” non-mechanical and not emissions- or safety-related. Plans are underway … Continue reading “Dealers get a Stella 4T Update”

Dealer Expo: New Blurs and Stellas

Ron Arnold (Detroit Scooter Examiner) has shared some Blur220i photos from DealerExpo on ModernBuddy. The two color schemes are “Gunmetal and White” and “White.” Branding is limited to small plastichrome badges, similar to the earlier Charcoal/Black 150 model. All in all, pretty much what we expected, and great news, though I have a few minor … Continue reading “Dealer Expo: New Blurs and Stellas”

CARB approves Stella 150 4T

Modern Buddy moderator Eric Almedral has posted the California Air Resources Board approval certificate for the Genuine Stella 150 4T, and confirms that it’ll be available in the U.S. in 2010. My bet is that it’ll be here sooner than later, and probably the Stella and it’s claimed 130MPG will be one of the few … Continue reading “CARB approves Stella 150 4T”