The New Stella, unveiled

For more than a year, rumors have been circulating about a new 4-stroke version of Genuine Scooter Company’s Stella motorscooter. Genuine confirmed the model a few months ago, but has otherwise been very quiet about the project. This week, Genuine allowed 2strokebuzz a quick look at a “New Stella” prototype (and a ride!) just before … Continue reading “The New Stella, unveiled”

Venti 150: The impossible dream

“It’s simple,” we always say. “Why can’t someone just slap a modern engine in a Vespa frame already? Why can’t Vespa just put the 160GS back on the assembly line? Why can’t LML/Stella make a California-legal 250cc Vespa? Everyone would buy it, no matter what they charged!” Well, here’s proof, straight from an ad in … Continue reading “Venti 150: The impossible dream”

The End of the PX?

Every few months, there’s an “End of the Vespa PX” story, even though I’ve read that Piaggio officially ceased production in December, 2006. They’ve offered a few “limited editions” since then, and the standard PX has been available from European shops, so who knows? In any case, this story isn’t winning any awards for implying … Continue reading “The End of the PX?”

2008 Stella/Buddy/Roughhouse (with photos)

(Updated 11:30pm 11/29/07 with photos and more details.) The news we’ve all been waiting for, and a couple surprises: The first shipment of Genuine Stellas (reportedly less than 300 scooters) will be delivered in January to top-seller Genuine dealers only, who will get 15 Stellas each (3 of each color per dealer: avocado, powder blue, … Continue reading “2008 Stella/Buddy/Roughhouse (with photos)”