Alfredo E um psychic, Ronaldo marcado duas vezes, e o copo E terminado.

f0-br.gif f0-de.gif Well, it was a hard-fought match, but Argentina edged France 1-0 to win the World Cup. Oh, wait, that was a typo. I was coming off a long day of breaking rocks in the hot sun, so I nodded off a few times, but was I dreaming the part where Edmilson got tangled up in his jersey for five minutes? I could swear I saw Perluigi Collina smile. I’m pretty sure I was in Slumberland when Davor Suker came out in a yellow shirt and scored eleven goals.

2 Slow to Go SC

We’ve been seeing more and more new scooters on the road here in Chicago, and it was only a matter of time before a twist’n’go club came along. Vina and I rode to Superdawg on Sunday to meet the 2 Slow to Go SC on their first group ride. There was a good turnout, but I ended up talking to Matthew the whole time we were there, and only got to briefly meet a couple people, including Tim Hugh, who I believe to be the founder of 2S2GSC and the owner of a custom-painted orange Vino. Thanks for having us, Tim, and we’ll see you around!

Quote of the week

SGS, regarding the PVSC rally: “You gotta keep me outta the walk-in next year. If I’m naked, I’m flagged, cause I shoulda been flagged or I wouldn’t be naked.”

The Cells

corycells.jpg Chicago rock-stars-to-be and WNUR darlings The Cells, fronted by ex-2SB-neighbor Cory Hance, have finally released their debut album, We Can Replace You on Orange Recordings. Track it down, you’ll dig ’em.

The Onion scooter

onionpeep.jpgThe Fashionable Roadkill fashion show is taking place at Corosh restaurant in Chicago on July 2. It’s a benefit for 2SB’s favorite radio station, WLUW, and prizes include a Kymco People custom Onion scooter (from Baron Von Scoot) and clothes from Futuregarb, a new Wicker Park outfitter. Might be a fun time, or at least more fun than a Piaggio Boutique opening, and it benefits WLUW, the only station in town playing Death Cab for Cutie, Pavement, and The Pixies back to back to back.

2SB v.

2sb is thrilled to announce that our news feed has been picked up by in our first syndicaton deal. We’ve gone big-time, but we promise we’ll keep on sticking it to the man. In other news, Greg Kinge came and went and the World Cup has been insane, but with Gregs visit, I fell behind on Cup news, but I’ll get back on the stick today. Oh, and I actually did some scooter riding this weekend, that’s a first.