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2strokebuzz is now accepting banner advertising. Our advertising policy is a bit unorthodox, but we feel it’s the most cost-effective and simple way to target your message to devoted scooterists. Remember that ads are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, please contact 2strokebuzz as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT TEXT LINK ADS, PAID CONTENT, “NATIVE” ADVERTISING, or AFFILIATE ADVERTISING. Our banner advertising policy is very clearly outlined below, and very inexpensive, don’t insult us by asking about other forms of advertising.

We’re picky.

We’ve gone almost 15 years without ad revenue, so we can afford to be picky. We won’t accept ads from anyone we don’t patronize and trust, and we (and our readers) support the businesses that support us. An ad on 2strokebuzz can be considered an endorsement for your business from one of the world’s most popular scooter websites.

One ad per page.

Your ad will always be the only ad on the page. It won’t be buried out of sight. Your ad will run in the top right corner of every page, right next to our logo, without any clutter or Chinese Scooter AdSense ads getting in the way.

No secrets.

We’re proud of our traffic, and happy to share our unedited statistics with you. You can check our last 12 months of webstats anytime. Find the figures you need, we’re not filtering them or exaggerating anything. Consider our hundreds of dedicated RSS, email, and Facebook subscribers a bonus, we’ll deliver your message to them, too. Our rates are transparent, too, they’re listed below, for the world to see, and we think they’re an absolute bargain, all things considered.

Our readers are awesome.

2strokebuzz started as a ‘zine in 1995. Our website launched in 2000, before the word “blog” was in popular usage. We were on the web five years before YouTube and Facebook. In all this time, we’ve built a loyal following of dedicated vintage and modern scooterists across the U.S. and the world. Meanwhile, we’ve also become a trusted source for scooter news and opinions, and we’ve forged relationships with many industry insiders. Scooterists love us, dealers love us, and best of all, search engines love us and our nearly 3000 pages spanning ten years, so we’re attracting both seasoned veterans who visit religiously AND new scooterists looking for specific information.

Simple pricing.

We’re limiting ads to four ‘units’ per quarter (16 units per year) The four ads will be shuffled at random so each unit means 25% of quarterly page views.

One unit costs $250.
Two units cost $425. Save 15% ($50)!
Four units cost $800. Save 25% ($200)!

Apply the units any way you like, pending availability. Buy a block of four units for three months of exclusivity, or maintain a presence for 12 months. (Due to the selective nature of our advertising, reselling of purchased space is prohibited.)

Content flexibility:

Rotate two ads within each ‘unit’ purchased (each will appear 12.5% of page loads).
Substitute new artwork up to six times during your run. (supply artwork with 72 hrs. notice). Focus your advertising on events or promote temporary specials with ease.
(Content rotation/substitution outside these limits is available at a nominal extra charge.)


All ads should be sized to 468×60 pixels (horizontal)
Ads are accepted in PNG, JPG or GIF format, 50k file size limit.
Rich media? We’re not fans but we could be talked into it.
(Tastefully) animated ads are welcome.

Dates and Deadlines:

Ads will run quarterly:
Q1: January 1-March 31
Q2: April 1-June 30
Q3: July 1-September 30
Q4: October 1-December 31
Your spot(s) is(are) reserved when we receive payment in full. If we have your ad on the start date, it goes up. If not, we’ll add it to the rotation when it arrives. Unsold units can be purchased pro-rated after the quarter begins.
We reserve the right to donate unsold units to non-profit events or clubs, or to promote 2strokebuzz products or events, though in most cases we’ll simply to give the paid advertisers a larger share of the hits.

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