2sb ‘Zine

Issue 1, 1996

Where it all began: Lord High Fixers & Big Daddy Soul interviews, Vancouver cuddlecore idols– Cub interview, Internet Rally, Around the World in a Day Rally, Milwaukee Beer Run, Kinder Nacht, more….pdf file

Issue 2, 1997

Crazy Push-scooter gang (scooter news was hard to come by back then), The Committments, Italjet Velocifero review and test drive, Internet Scooter Club, product reviews, website reviews, more….pdf file

Issue 3, 1997

The Strike, The Adjusters, St. Louis Hardluck Rally, Columbus Day Parade Chicago, Scooter Madness Chicago, ET4 preview, comics by Jason Bell, cover by Rob Syers, product reviews, more….pdf file

Issue 4, unreleased (1998)

International scootering: reports from Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, Mexico, France, plus Scooter soccer, Kick Back in Kansas rally, and more…(.pdf file coing someday when I’m bored)