Ask Dr. Buzz

Dr. Buzz (art by Jason Bell)The Dr. Buzz panel of experts:

Dr. Buzz rarely knows what he’s talking about, but he can sure work Google when it counts.

Kelly Brooks is a scientist with a 50cc 2-stroke fascination. In his travels through academia, he’s held various off-the-books part-time jobs at scooter shops across the U.S. He currently resides in Minnesota.

Electrical guru Bryan Rastinelli is an ex-airplane repairman based in Chicago. He’s legendary for his exemplary sense of tact and his attraction to disgusting liqueurs.

“The Ice Cream Man,” Mikey Solo, is an engineer (the CAD kind, not the stripey-hat kind). He’s a smallframe expert and freelance mechanic, living in the Chicago suburbs.

Name a vehicle, and you can be sure that Rod Miker has bought one for full MSRP and then sold it cheap weeks later. He lives in his parents’ basement in Michigan.

Ladies’ man Brock Ruhige is pretty quiet, but when he speaks, you’ll know it. He’s thinking about moving to Berwyn.

Luke DeCash used to ride the streets of St. Louis until the Queen Street Militia shut him down. Now he mostly hangs out in his bunker writing relationship advice.

Nashville Predators defenseman Greg DeVries is secretly a scooterist and ex-librarian who runs a girly-ish retail store in Minneapolis.

The enigmatic, mystical DVD Fairy rarely shows up at Dr. Buzz’s roundtables, but he’s listed here in case he makes an appearance. Like most auto mechanics, he runs a huge Asian-American arts institution in his spare time. He’s fixed vans for every indie-rock band in Chicago.

Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts are trying hard, but they might not be the best source of information avaiable. Any property damage and/or loss of limbs incurred as a result of following the advice of this column is the responsibility of the reader.

Dr. Buzz artwork by Jason Robert Bell, though he drew it like twelve years ago and probably doesn’t even remember it.

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