KLEZ Virus

July 31, 2002

2sb is getting more and more Klez virus emails every day. Klez is a virus that sends emails from one random person in your address book to another random person in your address book, and opening the attachment installs the virus on your computer. Since the emails are coming from random addresses, I have no idea who they’re really coming from, so if you’re using Windows and you haven’t already checked your system for Klez, please do so. Here’s some information to get you started.


July 30, 2002

An amusing NPR “Only a Game” segment on the American Scooter Racing Association, with a cameo from Joe Kokesh of M.A.S.S. Real Player required.

Mayhem lives up to its name

July 30, 2002

Lots of Mile-High Mayhem photos at, including this one of Matt Lombardo’s t-shirt. Sounds like it might have been one of the best rallies ever, although there were at least a dozen crashes and a few trips to the hospital. Hopefully the injured can heal up in time to re-injure themselves at Slaughterhouse.

The Elvismobile

July 28, 2002

Lee Durand’s tchotchke-covered Elvismobile scooter is on display at the Holland Museum (Holland MI) this summer. It’s a shame, you can’t see the picture on the Tribune online version, but try to imagine what Chad Schaefer would make if he found himself trapped in Michigan with a fistful of crack, a hot-glue gun, the Sun Sessions, and a lot of spare time.

Yeah, But Do They Have Jumbo Treat Manpris?

July 25, 2002

Feel the need to drop some coin on Vespa trousers which look exactly like something you’d pick up at TJ Maxx? Check out this Italian site. Wait. It looks like you CAN have manpris afterall. Note, these are only approved for EXTREME climbing.

Baltimore hit-and-run suspect named

July 24, 2002

A suspect has been named in Monday’s Baltimore-area hit-and-run accident that killed Vespa rider Walter Lee Robertson. Police are searching for Gordon Everett Booze (seriously!), charged with 12 traffic offenses in connection with the crash, in which Robertson was thrown 120 feet and killed instantly. Please be careful out there!

Hells Dells Karakoe IV

July 23, 2002

Carolyn and Deanna like big butts. And the scooterboys can’t deny them. Congratulations, by the way, to Mykrrr and Carolyn, who got engaged a couple days after the Dells rally.

Hells Dells Karakoe III

July 18, 2002

In today’s installment, Smoove Love Soul King Rye Bread takes on his former neighbor, the purple wonder. Take us to the bridge, Rye!

Chicago Ride this Sunday

July 18, 2002

Tim writes: “Tired of talking about riding, well, get off your ass and ride! In honor of Ryan winning (prediction?) his scoot race this Saturday and Steve Olsen (from the Moped Hospital) being in town, a group ride is in
order. Meet at CARIBOU COFFEE (2453 Clark Street and Arlington-1 block north
of Fullerton) Sunday, July 21, 2002
between 11:30AM-noon. Rideout time is NOON. Ride led by the 2 Slow 2 Go Scooter Club.”
Yah Mo B there or B square.

Hells Dells Karakoe II

July 16, 2002

More Karaoke action from Hells Dells: Ryan and Amanda have got such a long way to go.

Hells Dells Karaoke I

July 15, 2002

Hells Dells was everything a rally should be: porn, angry frat boys, go-karts, and Jeni and Amanda singing teen punk. Part One in a collectors’ series of scooterist Karaoke at its finest. Photos from the rally are at

Fairing king makes equally ugly scooter

July 15, 2002

Craig Vetter, designer of the ubiquitous and ugly-as-sin Windjammer fairing, has designed a scooter.The Defiant not only rivals Vetter fairings in sheer hideousness, but also defies all basic tenents of scooterdom, in that it’s bigger and uglier than a Harley. It also presumably costs more than a Harley, since a whole Harley is required to build it (from a kit.) The brave, foolish, and rich can get in touch at Thanks to Gome for the tip.

Repro Tax Discs

July 14, 2002

Yet again, someone beats me to a good idea: Reproduction British Tax Discs for your mod machine from Albion Accessories. Note: their “Pre -’70s” style was only used since the early sixties, there’s an older style that they don’t have.

Bajaj giveaway at Slaughterhouse

July 12, 2002

22lscbajaj.gifSecond to Last Scooter Club is absolutely thrilled to announce that BajajUSA and Baron Von Scoot are giving away a brand new Bajaj Chetak at the Slaughterhouse rally in Chicago. We’ll have more details soon on the 22LSC site, but the scooter will be given away AT THE RALLY on Saturday night, August 31.

My trip to Best Buy

July 12, 2002

I had a Best Buy gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, and despite the fact I can’t usually find anything good there, last night I hit the jackpot.
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