We were in Maximum Rock’n’Roll

November 27, 2002

And I didn’t even know it! Mark Hanford mentioned us in his August 2002 Netpunk Column. Now there’s something I never thought would happen. I think I’m going to cry. Is it still cool to be mentioned in MRR?

Be thankful!

November 27, 2002

Supergome has confirmed that thanks to Vespa USA, you will no longer need to sew patches on your jacket. I remember joking about this five years ago, and now the joke has become reality. Have a good long weekend, I’m outta here.

Scootergirl cards and posters

November 27, 2002

Rock N’ Rosie Originals is offering Holiday cards and posters featuring scooter pin-up girls. They’re cute, if you’re into girls. Their sister company, Bam Bam Buttons, makes custom 1″ buttons, if you are in need of such buttons.

Would you shut up about Toys for Tots, already, Bryan?

November 27, 2002

OK, OK, this is the last one, I promise. If you’re a scooterist planning on riding in the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade, you can obviously go to Dan Ryan Woods by yourself if you wish, but if you want the comfort of being with other scooterists, some are meeting at Miss Muffet Drive-In, 7859 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60620, at 8:30 am. The ride is starting at 9:30 so get there before then for sure. They’ll be leaving from there at about 9:30 (not from the Dan Ryan Woods.) Ryan’s cell number is 773.454.3546. If you want to ride down there with North/West side scooterists, meet at Chad’s in Logan Square at 3140 W Lyndale (in the back) between 7:30 and 8am. Chad’s number is 773.931.6918. I’m sorry to miss it, have fun!

2003 Rally Calendar

November 27, 2002

Thanks to Bill at, 2SB is sharing’s calendar this year. It’s up and running on, and soon you’ll be able to read and edit the same great calendar on both sites. Add new events here. Bill so rocks.

Nothing says ChristmasOe

November 25, 2002

Oe like a patriotic Vespa. Mike Stirrat of Tucson, AZ spotted this Santa on a Scooter ornament at Nieman Marcus, and thought of 2strokeBuzz. Because we’re all about $60 Christmas ornaments. It is pretty cute, though, and would make a great gift for that Polish-Italian-American on your list.

22LSC donates $1200 to Toys for Tots

November 25, 2002

Second to Last Scooter Club was proud to present the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade a check for $1200 at their meeting on November 22nd. The money was donated by participants at the Slaughterhouse 7 and 8 scooter rallies. It felt great to be welcomed into a smoky room full of hundreds of bikers, and it feels great to know we were able to support one of Chicago’s greatest philantropic traditions on its 25th Anniversary. Please support the ride this Sunday (12/1), it’s amazing to see how much effort and coordination goes into the event. Thanks to all the rally participants and sponsors that made this possible.

The Fence II

November 25, 2002

Thanks a million (or at least seven thousand) to Grace, Kenneth, Kenward, Keith, and Carole, and no thanks to Home Depot or the sun, the fence from hell is finally finished! and just in time, too. My back hurts.

Chicago JKSC Holiday Party

November 25, 2002

The JKSC Dance will take place at Club Foot, Friday, Dec. 13.

…That’s When I Found THIS!

November 24, 2002

After putting up one beautiful fence (thanks to Keith, Carole, Grace, Shmoopy, Kenward, Kimba, Big Man and the Fee-ster), we collapsed in front of VH1 Classic. After arguing whether Paul Schaefer was the keyboardist in the Kim Carnes video, Crazy in the Night, I jumped on the internet to attempt to prove Beeb wrong. That’s when I found… THIS! But then I found THIS and just forgot why I was interested in Kim Carnes on a Saturday night.

The Fence

November 22, 2002

If you know us at all, you know that all we’ve talked about all summer is dismantling and re-building the fence around our house. It’s been an engineering nightmare, and we’re about a year behind schedule, but finally the posts are all up and all that remains is mounting the panels. If you’re really bored this weekend, we could really use some extra hands and power drills so we can get this nightmare over with. email me
if you can make it. We’ll set you up with beer and food, and it’ll be like a party. Think of all 2SB has given you, isn’t it time to give back?

2SB for skinheads

November 22, 2002

Read 2SB in skinhead dialect! Converted by the World Wide Wubbler.

Jill, Jean, Jane and June

November 22, 2002

Via Jim-Bob: “Got 3500 hours to spare? Need some cues on how to swing like Reg and Ron Kray? Wanna see four English lasses go French on their Vespas? Look no further than British Pathe’s incredible archive site. Everyoyes, everyoPathe newsreel is housed on this site. You can ‘evaluate’ them free, but repeated viewings will cost you (yet another reason to visit your public libraryofree Internet access and multiple IPs). Also check out what looks like the Battle of Hastings, recreated on Vespas. Coming soon: The real story behind R.E.M.’s song, “1,000,000?”

Rock Over London…

November 21, 2002

Chicago’s own Wesley Willis is back with his new video Cut Da Mullet. I fondly remember him at the Empty Bottle screaming “Buy My CD!” right before head-butting some unsuspecting slacker.

Christmas for Bajaj at POC

November 21, 2002

Pride of Cleveland Scooters is now taking orders for the POC/HMF Performance Bajaj Pipe with delivery in time for Christmas. POC is also offering a line of Custom Bajaj Accessories.

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